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Re: FX CAST TOS versions

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paulwratt wrote:Before coming across this thread, I was just looking through the source code of st_tos.cpp at:
Here in NZ v1.00 was common in shop (demo) models, 1.04 was most common in 1040 STFM and 1.62 was mostly STE. That is to say I did have some original disks that would not boot on a 1040 STFM with 1.04 - they needed 1.00 or 1.02 - some of them would however boot on a 520 with 1.04 - all mentioned TOS versions are 50Hz.
Still it would be nice for us US folks to be able to run the 60hz/US variants of TOS .. I know right now the core has some issues with using an odd 50hz display mode as default which causes a lot of problems for people whos monitors wont accept it. And since the core doesnt use the more updated framework w/hdmi frame buffer you will get a black display/Invalid frequency/No video message on monitors that reject it.. (happened to me) .. and when you get this you have 2 choices, try to find a monitor that will (many HDMI monitors in the US WONT take a PAL-y type signal) or (what I did) use the blind keypress method to force the core into 60hz so the display would actually work (you dont even get the mister menu until you resolve the issue).

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