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MiST Tools

Post by bjjones37 »

I would like to compile a list of the tools that users avail themselves of when working with mist. Here are what I have come up with:

dir > list.txt - to generate filename list to process with excel
excel - to easily generate scripts to batch process files (commercial, could use libreoffice instead for free)
dsk2nib - to convert dsk files to nib files (Apple2)
cider press - converts other file formats to nib (Apple2)
osmount - mount virtual hard disk images (worked better for me)
Disk Management - mount virtual hard disk images
HDDriver - to create bootable partitions compatible with both ST and windows in hd image file (commercial)
fsutil file createnew - create hd image files, example - fsutil file createnew hd64m.hd 67108864

So what else are y'all using? (And yes I am from Texas :wink: )
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Re: MiST Tools

Post by DrOG »

cmd2cas - converts TRS-80 Model I CMD files to CAS format, necessary for MiST FPGA core / HT1080z School Computer. You can grab it from this post: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.ph ... ol#p320668
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Re: MiST Tools

Post by Televicious »

DirMaster for C64 stuff
The MiST Joystick mapper on here has been very handy
HstWB Installer is super handy as well including all the tools built in to that

That's about it for the most part.
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