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Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:58 pm
by DrCoolZic
I have created a shared repository for "flux images" (both Kryoflux and SCP) on Mega!9RJixYhI!ozJAY06nUpYj2vzpuWORRg
The images are compressed and contains one or several of this information:
  • KF for grouping the KryoFlux files (including .ctr)
    SCP for grouping the SuperCard Pro files
    Analysis for grouping analysis information
    And other information like: stx, ipf, st, pictures of disk, manual etc.
I have also tried to indicate the source of the image when known by me: BRM is Brume, KDK is kodak80, DFS is dfsilver, Stefan is Stefan jL, GreatGuy, Jim is Jim, DCZ is DrCoolZic …

The above link gives you a read only access But it would be nice that you also upload images! . For that matter read the second post.
Note: wherever you upload please try to provide images with 5 revolutions. As already explained this is required for preservation. The upcoming version of Aufit will provide a deep analysis, automatic correction, and IPF writing features only on multiple revolution images

To see the current list of titles read the third post

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:37 am
by DrCoolZic
Here is the process to be able to upload.

1) create a free account on using an e-mail address (you can create a new one if you want)
2) Once you have created the account provided me by PM this address.
3) I will add you on the list of read/write for the "Streem Image" directory
4) You will receive an invitation from user Atari-Forum, accept it
5) log to your Mega Account and go to the shared with me tab. Now you should see the Stream Image directory and you will have read/write capability
6) upload to this directory

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:55 pm
by DrCoolZic
This post list the titles uploaded so far
Here is the list of the 279 images

Code: Select all

D5EA051E220DABF7D8AE5EFB9A35797B	Stream Images\AddictedToFun-NinjaCollection-1991.7z
FF05750FEFF584E60A18083DAED684A5	Stream Images\After The War.7z
E157A46F8B36C0C832ECEEDEA906DD25	Stream Images\Air Sea Supremacy Compilation Ubisoft.7z
9CC16319913AEAD2931A985806153A91	Stream Images\Airborne Ranger.7z
1617770D6EAEDC6223B2464A72CDF798	Stream Images\Albedo.7z
468BB1890278C7BC7571A4847C27DFD4	Stream Images\Alternate Reality - The City.7z
C9D6A2BA41ECE7FA2ECE3A1261974F18	Stream Images\AMC.7z
1DD19B8CDE0B87A108263C658704D735	Stream Images\Andes Attack.7z
B77B8FD76C98E8F74E4B1FDA930E843D	Stream Images\Another World (Delphine Software1991).7z
6BC450686F76BB92B3C9248BD58E3993	Stream Images\Antago.7z
31C1FB1D4EE7EA5390DB93400636D141	Stream Images\Archipelagos.7z
F125170C93F4CC4E0B23D6DCAB3CEEDA	Stream Images\Asterix Operation Getafix.7z
ADD827DC4E87B92C5E358B50A4C8FE72	Stream Images\Atari Pack.7z
A1CE2E0DD0B9C68BBBA4701813000E63	Stream Images\Au Nom De L Hermine.7z
637351E007880AC85FD85573E601A46D	Stream Images\Aventures De Moktar.7z
4040F25140C03EA34365D48DD7E49CBD	Stream Images\Awesome.7z
7F5A0D7B3D56A99543A66DF85CDB5799	Stream Images\Back to the Future III.7z
DECE2C8BF56AEE430800BB5B75C41AF0	Stream Images\Back To The Golden Age (Brume).zip
6899F14C2153DE6F10A0067471D61A1F	Stream Images\Balade au Pays de Bigben.7z
B75FB9F79092CAD1535645D6E141023A	Stream Images\Barbarian.7z
D4BD3E3EB7B111CC21D17CF9BF62DE24	Stream Images\Battletech the Crescent Hawks Inception 1988.7z
21EBDEBEB7E69F6CBE6CB588B7AD4CB1	Stream Images\Bismarck.7z
7D097AD660349835B2D48EF502B5F21A	Stream Images\Black Cauldron.7z
07B49A277C94E53569A69B9A592C77FD	Stream Images\Blasteroids (WinnersCompilation).7z
96B25C43E4A71CC983FDE891D25C9B2A	Stream Images\Blood Money.7z
C022EBDB7A165236F80480E7D5AC1BAE	Stream Images\Bob Morane-Science Fiction.7z
9F07CD25722E8F3FF0A7CA2639C4D9AA	Stream Images\Boulder Dash Construction Kit [Epyx].7z
A339DE7DC589C9E59BBA046C8BDCC2C5	Stream Images\Cabal.7z
9DBEAF796D93E0AF5C7C5B13C5713E87	Stream Images\Cadaver.7z
1B572D39B0AEEE725BC48408AB145490	Stream Images\Cannon Fodder.7z
FE5248F6859F471B89B9824576DD9716	Stream Images\Captain Blood.7z
7AA9502C5F63B8E96B2700EBE65DABEA	Stream Images\Carvup.7z
F126B869BFD0182BEE0E36A8D2D16A40	Stream Images\Chambers of Shaolin.7z
3F6494C76E7D9E41A703349442CD645D	Stream Images\Chaos Engine (the).7z
A8F7D281AA6E2C5A49D3ACE6D21E7358	Stream Images\Chaos Strike Back.7z
4FC5603E11A6821DD8AEC605B3882D87	Stream Images\Chess Master 2000.7z
035E1AFC570DCE51919D460C2C6F2EF6	Stream Images\Chess player 2150.7z
257EBBE9364978BC2DEFFAFC70A7F238	Stream Images\Chicago 90.7z
ADC8140B390DEE3CF85AB931A48E4E83	Stream Images\Chrono Quest.7z
82BFC6B28A6BA650B5F72593C66B133A	Stream Images\Chuck Rock (Core Design 1991).7z
FD0BEF469A39AE9057C1124A4A37F80D	Stream Images\Chuckie Egg (Pick & Choose 1988).7z
C6EC3A7C9608D2C7CD0837EEFA8DBECE	Stream Images\ChuckRock.7z
A316C0D00983495881561BDC327D4AB1	Stream Images\Cisco Heat.7z
34FD574DFD0BAFEE5A90A7A1AD674DDD	Stream Images\
F3CA54171C9B2A359ECF1B3B95062526	Stream Images\Colorado.7z
11AF25CD405E7E64327DB1FD5A25F95A	Stream Images\Combo Racer.7z
3A446E6CCA9AE9D1F1275423F9D49EE5	Stream Images\Computer Hits Volume2.7z
EAB7CBD81322EF662EDE42C8AEB34B4B	Stream Images\Cosmic Pirate.7z
05B3712BC1DA33D47D058429148A77F6	Stream Images\Crack Down (one disk version).7z
41F97F5DBAAAA307269950C0DB466DBA	Stream Images\Crack Down (two disks version).7z
4AFEA47298B10B7DE77AC3EE0D106D3E	Stream Images\Crazy Cars III.7z
05A9A53C7909FBD513BB252F627077EA	Stream Images\Crossbow.7z
DB2303C4E8CFA6D36109C4008BF1A595	Stream Images\Crown Of Creation 3D.7z
C088D588E03B29F1D1BFD26D36A4EC92	Stream Images\Cruise for a Corpse (Delphine Software 1991).7z
B9DAC882A4DDBFA283549EB101B1B876	Stream Images\Deuteros.7z
D37EFA539969F30BED0A73FB4C5BF091	Stream Images\Devon Aire.7z
46682DCC2C4ADC9845D0CF44FE17C05B	Stream Images\Dive Bomber.7z
2D5CBAD710C2317A727F6443A71B8524	Stream Images\DM Editor.7z
2CEC909ABDC94A201298B78F0BB6A77F	Stream Images\DM-CSB Cartographer.7z
1AD57A006950B8E0848CDE2A9F6E0EE7	Stream Images\Double Dragon III - the Rosetta Stone.7z
A6FCE92BB9BD5F217724783921CD61B5	Stream Images\Dr. Dooms Revenge.7z
6F01544B8697BC8E78611F2810DB9EF7	Stream Images\Dragonflight.7z
7B7531078F3DDEEEB2D297A223C38CFC	Stream Images\DragonNinja.7z
96A50053A9D8B871AB288C42413B279E	Stream Images\Dungeon Master.7z
289F71576001A0C2EBF42057FA476A69	Stream Images\Dyter-07 [English].7z
E45B64D4114948F0303F81C900E36F03	Stream Images\
6FFD43DDF904E6DFA40CA4DFC36422CC	Stream Images\East vs West - Berlin 1948.7z
FD5F38A4C7538AB92490295E64470781	Stream Images\eco (ocean).7z
754F6533EC677B2FFBAAB9106041A22E	Stream Images\Electronic Pool.7z
695FB9A1C6871669C0D3673981DDFA5C	Stream Images\Elf.7z
70140D9E7C26F7013ED11B5CCB151413	Stream Images\Eliminator-Hewson-1988.7z
9A8DF1DFEB1873F1383AF17C20F8CF19	Stream Images\Elvira.7z
95100672413BF9982775B67472400E97	Stream Images\Enduro Racer.7z
AE50F228E1619BB1D708FC7A3AA8186E	Stream Images\Epic.7z
2765CA97873CF50A50FB14E37E350CD2	Stream Images\ESWAT.7z
F15335807DAA987C7CBB03691433C084	Stream Images\Exile.7z
17645E6E323B2233BC837BCBA2819477	Stream Images\Explora III (sous le signe du serpent).7z
DF2697802A48C83091ABDDBC134F2A77	Stream Images\Explora III.7z
E050C20BF259E5748660E286DC89772C	Stream Images\F29 Retaliator.7z
7E1BF8A03B72E9CE38CF1048EEE68D8F	Stream Images\Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte).7z
A4911FB6435B22DA1B98611EFA50ECCE	Stream Images\Ferrari Formula One.7z
915D96E469C7056DBE6E6EB7FD617253	Stream Images\FF2.7z
B0E3D40AD3273ACBBAA23CBD4B34AF85	Stream Images\Fighter Bomber.7z
4953E918E2169F0A1A01E288E48E37F2	Stream Images\FightingSoccer.7z
12F3DE6BE1ECB62184B9C4E7F9011A75	Stream Images\Final Battle.7z
CAEEB9147279D978BC278473A789ABC9	Stream Images\Final Command.7z
3876E0C2ECF0771BE54F779203CF4C94	Stream Images\Finale (Elite).7z
D631A6045A5BC00FC0EE513ABD2CDE6D	Stream Images\FireForget.7z
6B3211DF951385D628D31513F416DA00	Stream Images\First Samurai Disk 2 (Nice Price Collectors).7z
49C5AA61740A167FF80C7936E006A6E5	Stream Images\Fool's Errand.7z
187CD49DE677271B9DF558DEBAA85FEC	Stream Images\footballManager2.7z
6FFCBE9D951CD2F5269D06AD7239D2EB	Stream Images\ForgottenWorlds.7z
6018F48624F0434A78CB2E803D2AE7E0	Stream Images\FoundationsWaste.7z
96626BE629AEDEE59B81F8E7A760C900	Stream Images\G.Nius-cleaned.7z
8F13E3C7FD684CDEB8DB772A2895EF3F	Stream Images\GamesGalore.7z
4F536696A45363281C37BE1AFCD22596	Stream Images\GauntletII.7z
6BB08EDC7840FF9B4FAC10AC58D69D5A	Stream Images\GazzaSoccerMania.7z
2409A75F0D21925F67F75EC350FF67CC	Stream Images\Gemini Wings.7z
916861137D99E3A6E49C863E370B92B5	Stream Images\GhostBusterII.7z
E87AB34A28A55AACCE895C057D184820	Stream Images\GhostsnGoblins(Finale Compilation)_rev5_smd340.7z
0467BF430AB46C93E6D93EEC557F991C	Stream Images\Gods.7z
3362B80B6B76D1DEBC2C459A1FD750C1	Stream Images\GoldenAxe - Blitz (stefan).7z
EFAF04C94A88525DFD6B1A1210541ED6	Stream Images\Graffiti Man.7z
2EDF17343F7AE1C65EE7C1EED12683D6	Stream Images\GrandMonsterSlam.7z
3E51456724C89A628C41B41DB6698783	Stream Images\Great Giana Sisters The.7z
95CC27DA010FE651BCD928339A5C9C33	Stream Images\Great Giana Sisters [brume].7z
7D52C99450B107C185220B710A206E79	Stream Images\GuerriersNinja.7z
C6A5260D2CE930147BEC426C11204A13	Stream Images\Gunship.7z
13A15CB6CF003B300D2837434A289FBA	Stream Images\HardDrivin.7z
DC13A06C815028430008AB01002DCFE0	Stream Images\Heimdall(Core Design)(1991)(x)(d)(5r).7z
2A5D3BC629E6810F9EB125487816A945	Stream Images\HeroQuest.7z
689DA7BB6C7E6BAE9ECE5B738C5174AF	Stream Images\HiSoft 1ST Basic.7z
4EAF0CC5C6B8E8F55EE155211E409434	Stream Images\Hostages.7z
5ACF39C8B832104FCB1010911121742D	Stream Images\HoundofShadow_The.7z
C122C69A4C7FF3E98B7B7E189F1FFA4C	Stream Images\Ikari.7z
C5F13A85E262902C1C18879CA6ABD2E4	Stream Images\ImpossibleMission2(Klassix).7z
F9079644881F38ABEAF36CDC48A4AA9A	Stream Images\IndianaJonesFateofAtlantis.7z
A3A3B50E57291C345FD93F95432928F2	Stream Images\IndyGraphicAdventure.7z
08FCC0CC62D8C12468F5B93689A57F9A	Stream Images\InternationalIceHockey.7z
FD521DE87F3CEF7A051E4F6016B06F93	Stream Images\IronLord.7z
526EFBBC1574FA3759A838A6EB99BD87	Stream Images\Ishar-III.7z
6072312C89662966780E69FCBCFCDBE6	Stream Images\Ishar.7z
C85ECF52F72A0B31B42B4A1485BAD4C0	Stream Images\IsharIII (FRENCH).7z
BDA00FBEA56095BBCB70B7C59105AD76	Stream Images\JamesPond.7z
43D8992BF71022F34880976885E510C6	Stream Images\JamesPond2CodenameRobocod.7z
0B316A3FBFA212F70DD3EEE0A0AAFE95	Stream Images\Judge Dredd.7z
6ACFBCC534DD0CE607BA09021998BA9B	Stream Images\JupiterMasterdrive.7z
1973F76E8EB49E47B1C420AB56CF87CA	Stream Images\KarateKid-II.7z
9FFF3CF7C4869065D1C001C1DA1B8541	Stream Images\KickOff.7z
F40E4ADCB2B4F72F5825D3332389EF1E	Stream Images\KickOff2.7z
84B99AED5589F3F6E9EE8EC9B71DF4D5	Stream Images\Kings Quest 1.7z
A5294913EFFA35BB44C3D34B7355A5F1	Stream Images\Kings Quest 3.7z
F901262F3FA520E78D8081790967A5FE	Stream Images\KungFuMaster.7z
EF6481C2873269F422D7B6A0F63F66A5	Stream Images\Leavin' Teramis [English].7z
BF66A17D33FA766C409CEA578CD31E05	Stream Images\Legend - ATARI ST - Mindscape 1991.7z
058037C9E363DC5D4B9F1D95DE20067E	Stream Images\LeisureSuiteLarryVolumeII-GoesLookingForLoveInSeveralWrongPlaces.7z
BBA791E48860504E10B716C2045D6C57	Stream Images\LeisureSuitLarry3(Sierra On-Line)(1990)(x)(d)(5r).7z
2E403EDB82FBD631238B84AC1E05307E	Stream Images\LeisureSuitLarryInTheLandOfTheLoungeLizards(Sierra On-Line)(1987)(x)(d)(5r).7z
41B19D41C12ECC0987592929B7A378EB	Stream Images\Lemmings Book Club.7z
2C6F79E856A2C3EA6E99897E1FAB2378	Stream Images\Lemmings.7z
A16B1582936035A547C020CCA09E4776	Stream Images\lemmings_double_pack.7z
8D615E6A2F3222FC97FD16F18CF0D196	Stream Images\Light Force.7z
06DE7724F64394C93836CC104E08C96D	Stream Images\LombardRACRally.7z
CBEDB109D9981D85D00B329740AE491C	Stream Images\Loom.7z
F83FC691C0471B26389C06AB8BC92F60	Stream Images\LureOfTheTemptress(Virgin Games)(1992)(x)(d)(5r).7z
FBD197025129A59BDA6F998B50470225	Stream Images\macdonaldland_rev5(s)(d)(5r).7z
4EAE1D4BB3AA651BB35B9EE9A9F1FEAF	Stream Images\Manchester United.7z
CCE2EFB4232B021173D0E72B61A18802	Stream Images\ManiacMansion.7z
54CB2E9893DF7C63409F2A0B08D65E2C	Stream Images\ManoirDeMortevielle.7z
A5321A1A7A4AEC5E7C12D8A0B86EE825	Stream Images\MarbleMadness.7z
7B3E697EC768D670EA8E9F3038A830B8	Stream Images\matrixmarauders.7z
C705A83A9E038C7E086E7268E924035D	Stream Images\Maupiti Island [VF](brume).7z
053FCCBF80EB3EBF9622EF813DCDC277	Stream Images\MaydaySquadHeroes.7z
92129A765FA5D705F42390F3C1EBBACE	Stream Images\MegaLoMania.7z
3AD8F5DE15D17AF3B44CCAFB020916BA	Stream Images\MegaTraveller-ZhodaniConspiracy.7z
7C4BA8D3CBF04C61D8C1AF0E258CC2FF	Stream Images\MidnightResistance.7z
AC6133B81A73886EE9591542C555ED4C	Stream Images\Midwinter.7z
1F65364EF0DF71115F2FB9D141A05662	Stream Images\Mig29SovietFighter.7z
9BA5205BF5E435E7E50C6AB83A553C58	Stream Images\Millennium2.2.7z
07D25401B02E6E475CE92E641918B177	Stream Images\MonthyPitonsCirclingFlyus.7z
A966948073E2D79343A3DB472DFE4317	Stream Images\MoT (Brume).zip
F05B03B91947B351619DBC849FF10E08	Stream Images\MrHelli.7z
9133446E5122DEBAD860F55B8F039D12	Stream Images\NewZealandStory(The).7z
CF77C6BA1224D1434ACA9FF38986DA77	Stream Images\NightHunter.7z
601EC8FE6C0BF02DB264A7FC4289AB3E	Stream Images\
CEA10154832CF35AD8C51882CC64ACE7	Stream Images\NinjaRabbits.7z
A87DADF899C8B93FBB06FF8ED686C109	Stream Images\nitro.7z
0887C3BF5420AE1550041B78166324D4	Stream Images\NitroboostChallenge.7z
0106FD1E72C66EF0CD45EB653153CCDF	Stream Images\North&SouthLesTuniquesBleue(Infogrames)(1989)(x)(d)(5r).7z
80CD79890A6CA3CE258A1CF76E732D2F	Stream Images\Obitus (UK) (1991).7z
7392F36B902142977695AA601BE9998C	Stream Images\obliterator.7z
B0BE81C868F6D41AE05DC53B261025E2	Stream Images\Odd_Stuff_2001_Dune-Sector_One (jeff).7z
C4450699B67DE53EE4A14A91043CD50B	Stream Images\OhNoMoreLemmings.7z
349FB285A093AC1A7F03BE16818B23E7	Stream Images\Oids(Mirrorsoft)(1988)(x)(d)(5r).7z
FBC75E615AF925FBB64526C5A413CA53	Stream Images\OperationNeptune.7z
AB9F5C9D5530E1DA5E3C62F00F6BEF98	Stream Images\OperationStealth.7z
E19B5A2A84BAE08EE3D7D3F7435C139D	Stream Images\OperationThunderbolt.7z
11E66D9F494E569F04B8D6637A05FB00	Stream Images\Outrun.7z
E06A6BA7EFED6D4E40143D420B44ADB5	Stream Images\Outzone [French](brume).7z
F654374F7E1F2293AE476C982B8D3966	Stream Images\Overlander(Finale Compilation)_rev5_smd340.7z
B055310BC13DA9DD2141EBD3855F7220	Stream Images\P47Firebird.7z
190C52DA41BF5A08626515C67232FB4C	Stream Images\Pacmania.7z
379FE5CA85584D30447B82FC6003105C	Stream Images\PaintWorks-Activision.7z
99B699955AABBECE5D7DFDE180E642BA	Stream Images\Paperboy(Finale Compilation)_rev5_smd340.7z
5270255FABF65C2C1570FD568AEE8D05	Stream Images\Phobia.7z
FFBA1E91E7482BAD6304ADAA32FF62C5	Stream Images\Pick'nPile.7z
D04856A7D441F8F45D5C5569651BFC12	Stream Images\Populous.7z
A2067D49E61A44E5908160B55D78915F	Stream Images\PopulpousII.7z
E802ADBDF50BCF3A02ACAC3234B310AF	Stream Images\Power Drift [English] (brune).7z
DCC9D74234F7BC79C4BEE658A0756CF5	Stream Images\Powerdrome.7z
1E1550C108C1B409E77400CDC1EC9651	Stream Images\PowerplayGameoftheGods.7z
29EA91A13989983369A54810E1896071	Stream Images\Predator2.7z
F8E111C7190BCF35BE82FF8D995DF2F6	Stream Images\PriceOfPersia(Domark)(1990)(x)(d)(5r).7z
49BDBE547AC407B65F72A863FD5184AE	Stream Images\Prince.7z
B768AB209EB54331976A4412238117A2	Stream Images\Prison.7z
627D47245FEACCACA16C23AB07690E17	Stream Images\Pro Tennis Tour II [English](brume).7z
F17B7CA588FF4C74A0D6ADEC9D4B853E	Stream Images\Pro Tennis Tour.7z
70E0FBF879D2D50C73E2D004414DFE08	Stream Images\Prohibition.7z
D32AE314E873B0AF29F41ECD62A961E2	Stream Images\Prophecy I - The Viking Child.7z
3C2A985F9E24406B04EB42761D6FE0C0	Stream Images\QuantumPaint(4 revolutions Spliced).7z
EE2ADD5582CBA5E819DFE50E631FC162	Stream Images\Rainbird.7z
657489D3E9F7096CA50BA17EA7FB9BD1	Stream Images\RallyCrossChallenge.7z
D38F6EF290391DBA0925BD6182A7BB40	Stream Images\Rambo3.7z
E59FDF12076414A42BE14FE4B9FCE258	Stream Images\Realm of the Trolls.7z
4488985C82F9143952A10EB7A5282663	Stream Images\RickDangerous.7z
F0D2D85E3A323E3CD778D20F49A8319A	Stream Images\Ringside.7z
C90A3C0A73DEBEF005A7FEAC4C3258CE	Stream Images\RoadBlaster.7z
CC9268039BC569EF0A12DDA4DFA5E93A	Stream Images\Roadwar 2000.7z
FA90C86340F12AC0706566C0C367764C	Stream Images\Robocop 2.7z
331276FCAF4F54512B4687B631F51925	Stream Images\Rogue (Brume).zip
C06CF7D145C3B4A1200FB2ACCE20EDF7	Stream Images\RType 2.7z
98894B3666886A39303706915E3BC9F6	Stream Images\Rtype.7z
19155B2AA6857966F6388B5F01AF4FEF	Stream Images\RuffandReady.7z
71B374EBE157563C78A7F9A0A6C8C32E	Stream Images\rugby_league_coach.7z
34801DBBB987117A381389872BE54688	Stream Images\running_man.7z
E507036630499F71AAEAE91F02E4A57E	Stream Images\RuntheGauntlet.7z
1DE0C39427DB6302B028A8A939AF7379	Stream Images\Saint Dragon (Storm)(x)(d)(5r).7z
6CDDCB95BF1FCBD7EDFD4D09DAB51D99	Stream Images\Satan.7z
222B608EB2948315E3245C99BA637848	Stream Images\SecretofMonkeyIsland.7z
59AB1D231D48EEDB5471C6F642D55F3C	Stream Images\Seven Gates of Jambal.7z
248C83769254FA384E68621B40D55E96	Stream Images\Shadowgate.7z
220CF981D93735A01820D3A88ECD0B2F	Stream Images\ShadowWarriors.7z
80909CF0EC7A8F7A3595F34C87D36CEF	Stream Images\Shadow_of_the_beast.7z
7B3CC7D60ABFEC57D42A174A0632E7CB	Stream Images\shadow_of_the_beast_2.7z
7FE013CAE2F7DD29924C49DE3F38B8E0	Stream Images\Sherman M4 [French](brume).7z
26FA3567FF6293E4A01C10C5DDA3C88C	Stream Images\Shoot'em-up Construktion Kit.7z
A59D98F14FC02974EEF443EC79F37722	Stream Images\Silent Service [English](brume).7z
5B112B3CBA56D4E27BFE70C53BBE0DAD	Stream Images\Silkworm (16 Blitz).7z
023B39CBCC270F11231E592E14B9E4CD	Stream Images\Skateball.7z
EADB2F992B72B5161CA0007580DF4257	Stream Images\skate_wars_ubisoft (Stefan).zip
3A793B6687573B772FE306F81804C2F7	Stream Images\Space 1889.7z
B3AA70F1EA47D57DA312E5F54A15D08C	Stream Images\Space Harrier.7z
23CD260046CAC9A2086059BE9C8FA7B0	Stream Images\Space.7z
EF694B1A94F0033FCC2FA564A7755B87	Stream Images\SpaceCrusade.7z
0EDC9911F1D1A5CEEF68971E00760CF9	Stream Images\Speedball.7z
25325730F89A01F759E558D7E4F29CF3	Stream Images\starbreaker.7z
A4B31C9F8E2BDF647AE32CBEEC24B6BF	Stream Images\Starglider2.7z
94204B6E38F00615C8FD6557F00CFEE4	Stream Images\StormMaster.7z
ABCF708F35A820463753EEC1BB87B0EC	Stream Images\StreetFighter2.7z
8395637F01F7A2A16DE7954EF0B92261	Stream Images\Super Monaco G.P. (KiXX).7z
20AD82976789E40E2AC86C3EE9247764	Stream Images\Super Scramble Simulator.7z
C33BEAF1B430A2C1BF7C4944CAEA563B	Stream Images\Super Sprint.7z
AEFCEEEF53F661821AE764E5A3235465	Stream Images\superGridrunner.7z
15F60D4DAB6ADF6950B6023E1102CA35	Stream Images\SWIV.7z
2F863B267B25F05AE48EF7EAA2C48709	Stream Images\Techno_Cop.7z
124B20406D33E2DADEE7E93EE6328DD0	Stream Images\Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles [English](brume).7z
CB9387C497A02FE697BAA0B6E7F470F5	Stream Images\Teller [French].7z
758497F1AA379F9CCB6D3940D41F3EDA	Stream Images\Theme Park Mystery.7z
CA41341C1BC9A820392BA2B945D09498	Stream Images\Thunder Blade - US Gold - 1988.7z
D49FF967508AD643964292D906ABD6FD	Stream Images\TimesOFLore.7z
2250E659B2BD650703764C06EA145C2C	Stream Images\Time_Bandit.7z
2DB0393FBC7488E67120AA2714B60058	Stream Images\TitustheFox-ToMarrakech&Back.7z
23B38657F404369F17B0136A8F725F2C	Stream Images\Toki (Brume).zip
07493B69B84D5C625A44F1554DA7B191	Stream Images\Top Shots.7z
37B7C787FD2639ABF34D4CFAD2D73151	Stream Images\TopCat-BeverlyHillsCats.7z
8D4C4D67C97B41E9D7124808069495FC	Stream Images\Torvak the warrior.7z
0B50C657467A5DDDEB37F323BEE3F933	Stream Images\Tower_Toppler.7z
813CB9FF65F18BF60B6171CBEC710C42	Stream Images\Trantor the last Storm Trooper.7z
98016240BBA36336748C8EDE6F7C332B	Stream Images\TrovakTheWarrior.7z
E3CE9D01D164BFD1B7B9D374997025B0	Stream Images\TurboOutrun.7z
48D76EAA3F356BD0CEB199616A45A656	Stream Images\Turrican II.7z
30111045B96C3A3B61B04FEF790B89D3	Stream Images\Turrican.7z
94E75C02BEC4E38578C5E6764BDD6364	Stream Images\Twinworld.7z
6417B4C6ADAEEF88B3209D7D6719BD95	Stream Images\Ultima3.7z
1ED75ECA0B0169D7068A08BB9DF58527	Stream Images\Union Demo.7z
3620BEB0F448511D30AAA14E9751233B	Stream Images\Vroom [English].7z
428B8C4AED17B258090B363629DDB214	Stream Images\War in Middle Earth.7z
914DD03AB0A9E952A1DF8E09A7CF795D	Stream Images\Warlock'sQuest.7z
74AB4F9F0E68BA891BDD1633D130855C	Stream Images\Wicked.7z
9890CB7B74550A7E657E0F5E93FA7DB1	Stream Images\wipeout.7z
F873D13943E531833DBB30C2EAAB1F90	Stream Images\Wizball(ocean).7z
6745718F9AA86E5B23BFA22BB2D4DB00	Stream Images\Wolfchild(Core Design)(1992)(x)(d)(5r).7z
EC61DCFF4733386C76D42BD577EA6822	Stream Images\WWFEuropeanRampage.7z
53C61A3E13C1BC628661D42E849FA74E	Stream Images\Xenon2.7z
02DF96884FF4DA2786F1A246EEE2371C	Stream Images\xiphos_d1_glued.7z
0A54B9AA9DDC743E1C1846A4BD043A75	Stream Images\Yogi's Great Escape.7z
550F4479DC0E78645A265E57882C5E1F	Stream Images\Z-Out (multi).7z
6BD45D7E8B39AC542C48661255308AEE	Stream Images\Zak Mc Kraken U2.7z
5225D1445AA5C4E6B71FC6C7D02E2E83	Stream Images\ZakMcKraken.7z

Here are the MD5 for the published/unpublished files

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 7:27 am
by DrCoolZic
I am reviving the stream image repository.

In the pipe 50+ titles with more than 181 stream images (11000+ files about 9GB uncompressed - 2.7 compressed ...)

Unfortunately, fiber connection has not yet arrived to my home and therefore I have very limited upload band … be patient

Please provide feedback if you find problems with stream files …

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 8:13 am
by kodak80
Thanks for doing this DrCoolZic.

Here is another one for you to add. Army Moves [Imagine}. SCP and KF dumps:!FVE0yJZC!HZ87oGXBkNFT6WWxhjlz0w

You should be able to transfer to your Mega share without downloading and uploading.

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:20 am
by DrCoolZic
Done thanks

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:34 am
by kodak80
Thanks. As your other dumps are in 7z format, I have zipped the original folder and here is the new Mega link:!ZcVzTThT!jn9nDB-mPRy8 ... PWLUC8WFoc

Makes sense to keep them in 7z instead of having them in the folder I shared.

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:57 am
by kodak80
Here are 38 more dumps from my collection to add:!MZMUhS5T!-33sB0SzOW6ruWRkywRlkQ

Once you copy them I will need to remove them from the above link to add some more. :D

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 7:51 am
by DrCoolZic
Perfect I will move then to the repository, and yes for consistency having all of them as 7z files make more sense.
I gave you access to the repository so you will be able to add them by yourself.
Many thanks

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:56 am
by kodak80
Thanks Jean

Yes, I have access now to upload.

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 10:10 am
by DrCoolZic
I now use MEGAsync to keep images on the repository in sync with a local directory on my machine.
Just reached the 200 titles bar. My guess is that this represents between 500 to 1000 disk images !

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 4:43 pm
by DrCoolZic
List now has 343 titles :) 15 Gbytes - see ... 19#p276419
Not all uploaded (still over 100 in the queue at time of writing)

We will have to synchronize with kodak80 because there are duplicate titles. Will update all and we will resolve duplicates that can be merged latter

kodak80 please check above title list so we do not collide ;)
I will process my list of images till letter T and wait for you

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 4:50 pm
by ijor
Great. I'm not a fan of Mega, especially not for this purpose. Chances that they would be removed ...

But at least for the time being, it is just great. Many thanks.

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 8:48 pm
by kodak80
Will double-check what is there with what I upload. I have exceeded my Mega bandwidth and so am not able to upload at the moment. Didn't even know I had a Mega bandwidth quota. 8O

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 9:58 pm
by DrCoolZic
Did not know either
Explanation heure
Apparently one way to bypass is To change your IP if your provider does not provide you with fix IP

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 12:25 am
by Maartau
kodak80 wrote:Will double-check what is there with what I upload. I have exceeded my Mega bandwidth and so am not able to upload at the moment. Didn't even know I had a Mega bandwidth quota. 8O
Yes, something like 5 Gigs limited...

... But change your IP & that's work perfectly each time :wink: .

Thanks again for all, Great work guys :thumbs:

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 9:33 am
by DrCoolZic
The good news about my slow upload speed (about 3 GB in 6 hours) is that I remain below the bandwidth limit 8)

I am now done with all the images I have on my machine and it is about 360 titles.
Some titles seems duplicated so may need to do some cleanup
I still have a lot of disks to image

Hopefully all titles should be uploaded by tomorow but you can already see the list here ... 19#p276419

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 12:08 pm
by ijor
DrCoolZic wrote:kodak80 please check above title list so we do not collide ;)
I recommend to not remove multiple copies of the same title. The most important reason, of course, is that they might be different versions or releases.

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 12:10 pm
by ijor
kodak80 wrote:I have exceeded my Mega bandwidth and so am not able to upload at the moment. Didn't even know I had a Mega bandwidth quota. 8O
That's one of the problems with sites like Mega. Changing IP is not always possible, unfortunately.

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 12:14 pm
by kodak80
We will not remove unless I am 100% sure the ones I am uploading are copies of my own SCP dumps which I uploaded to The ones I am uploading now include KF and SCP dumps. Some of the filenames look like dumps I uploaded to

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 2:12 pm
by kodak80
OK, a few more uploaded. 342 7zip files in the share now. Obviously, DrCoolZic has a few still uploading...

Time for bed here. Still have more to upload. :D

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 9:32 pm
by DrCoolZic
Of course we will not remove any images unless they are same. The idea is more to consolidate. I already have several titles with KF from A KF from KF from C etc.. The only thing is that they are consolidated under the same directory.

I need to cut the computer for the night so there are still about 10-12 files to go (will do tomorrow)
By the way the content can be organized as wanted but personally I prefer to place the files in a directory and to compress the directory rather than grouping compressed files in a compressed file ...

@kodak80: do you MegaSync the directory on one of your machine?
I am asking the question because I am not sure that all the archives are correct ? No time to check now will do tomorow

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 10:04 pm
by kodak80
I am downloading manually at the moment due to the bandwidth limitations. I have a fixed public IP address which I cannot change and so am usinf TOR browser to upload and download.

edit: Mega read/write access to your Stream share does not allow my to sync to my computer using the Mega software. When I try Mega client software says I need Full Access to sync your share. :( Would be easier to sync then I can add the files locally to add them to the Stream share.

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 8:45 am
by DrCoolZic
You now have full access to the repository ;)

With MegaSync you can specify the bandwidth. So do not put it too high and it should run without problem. What I have commonly seen for MEGA bandwidth is 3-5 GB every 6H. Bandwidth is the weak point of MEGA but this is the more generous free repository :)

I can see that you have added more files my synchronized directory now shows 413 files and it is still downloading.

I have checked all the compressed files with 7Zip and there was one corrupted file for "NijaRabbits". I have regenerated the .7z and it is now uploading. This will be my last update for images that what I own.

I have reinstalled my "imaging setup" and I am restarted to image floppies. For now it is mainly creating SCP files as I am "late" for SCP compared to KF. For the time I am doing non boxed games. So updates will come soon
I will soon update the list of files and I will also publish a list of files with MD5 hash so people can verify that files are not corrupted

Re: Floppy Disk Stream Image Repository

Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 8:56 am
by DrCoolZic
The 413 Titles and the MD5 are published here ... 19#p276419