A year later

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A year later

Post by Peteone »

Last year I have refurbished 1040 STE installed 4MB and CosmosEX. Everything is working but I kind of abandoned it as I couldn't figure how to make some stuff work. I did talk to Miro on Facebook but we kind of lost contact. Today I wanted to get back to it and see if I can have some fun with it. Unfortunately, just like last year, I'm stuck again. :( I would really love to play some old games from my childhood. if someone could spare some time and guide me through few things id really appreciate it. This might be a lengthy thread, but I would like to start with few questions.

1. I'm Polish and I remember a company called LK Avalon back in the day that produced a lot of games. I found a lot of them on this website. http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct= ... =Fred#Fred - here is one for example called Fred. I was wondering if any of these files like .xex .cas .atr can be converted to ".ST" or ".MSA" so I can use the cosmosEX Floppy Emulator?

2. Is there some decent easy to follow guide how to format your SD card properly so I can use it as an HD?

3. Is there a guide how to set up your PC shared folder so I can access it on Atari? Example P:\ drive - I can easily o it on MAC but having hard time with PC. I created c:\Atari folder and shared it on my network I can access it with another PC but no go on cosmoex - Network is set up as DHCP and I'm using IP address of my PC. No username and no password in cosmosex settings. Can take screenshots.

I think this would be a good start.Thank you for any help.

PS: If needed I can set up Teamviewer Session and screenshare and would be glad to paypal few bucks for help - if its easier for someone to walk me through, I just need someone to show me whats up once.
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Re: A year later

Post by mikro »

1. Wait, wha... do you realise you're talking about a device for the ST/E line of computers wanting to play a game for the 8-bit Atari?

2. Yes, you need either format it as a normal Atari disk (using HD Driver from Uwe Seimet for instance) or use it in so called translated mode where it reads Windows / Linux compatible partition table.

3. Google? You can choose between Samba (Windows/Linux) or NFS (Linux) sharing.
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