Mellow Man's collection of CODEF screens

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Mellow Man's collection of CODEF screens

Post by mlynn1974 »

Hi Guys,
I've just noticed the amazing work done by Mellow Man in his collection of CODEF screens.

I don't know if Mellow Man is on the forum but the amount of conversions on there is amazing.
Every screen in the So Watt Demo converted to HTML5.

Not only has he converted them but everything is spot on.
I don't know his conversion process but he has actually worked out the sprite waves and everything. Did he have access to the original source code? Disassembling stuff with precalculated sin\cos and floating point maths in 68k is difficult (for me).
I thought those sprite waves were often precalculated in GFA and the actual demo simply includes them - but not in this case.

When I rewrote "Grodan and the Kvack Kvack" using DirectX I couldn't work out the sprite paths for the blue sprites but I have converted the maths to C# from his JavaScript for eventual inclusion in my DirectX code and I can see that the maximum "pitch" is 50 pixels and the offset for each sprite is 0.2 degrees. He seems to assume the canvas is 640 pixels wide and then resizes it to the viewport because I had to divide by 2 to get the wave to fit into 320x200. He also does the tricky bumping sprites in the Replicants screen in The Union Demo really well. I've waited nearly 27 years to see that done, man.
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