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Nectarine TV

Post by Grazey / PHF »

Hi all

I hope most of you know about the wonderful Nectarine Radio ?
( anyway they've just set up Nectarine TV too!

This is streaming PC / Amiga demos 24/7. I'd like to add my UMD 8730 intro to the stream. so.......................

Does anyone have the means to capture a ST demo via Scart/RF to a PC capture card ? I know I could possibly do it with Steem but I'd rather have the authentic ST feel from a real Atari.

Basically I need a AVI, from that I can convert it to the required format via instructions at :- ... D=354&PN=1


P.S. NO ST demos on Nect-TV yet.... we must change that! - demo coders since 1983 - Maintainer of the Atari ST chip music archive - Nectarine Administrator
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Post by [ProToS] »

I never try it but saint could record a divx movie

Nectarine TV hummm :D
Demoscene TV have some F030 demo too :wink:
Yodel TV is nice but no atari stuff :?
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