List of ST/STE demos that can't be imaged (=protected demos)

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Re: List of ST/STE demos that can't be imaged (=protected demos)

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Brume wrote:- The Opening Demo by Poltergeist
dump of the original disk is needed
Have found an original disk, but one sector is definitively damaged and can't be repaired. have tried to dump this disks more than 20 times with all tools possible. The demo starts, displays the loader, but doesn't go further. I'm really after this demo, any help is welcome.
Hi Brume, post or PM a couple of dumps of the damaged original disk. Ideally one low level image (SCP or Kryoflux, both is even better), plus one Pasti image made directly on the ST. Depending on the damage I might be able to recover it. Also please point me to a working crack that modified the original as little as possible.
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