Starwars scroller text from Just Buggin (text by Chaos)

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Starwars scroller text from Just Buggin (text by Chaos)

Post by ggn »

Using some STEem magic, I finally got to read Cahos/Sanity's scroller text from that unreadable scroller in his demo! I thought I'd share it with you :)

In my opinion it contains the views of a very open-minded person.

So, here it is (sorry about the formatting, the original text is like this, and I'm too lazy to fix it ;) )

Any comments?

@@ Sanity presents @@
@@ a guest-part @@
@@ in the @@
@@ ACF Mega-Demo II @@
@@ just buggin` @@
@@ @@
I`m Chaos of Sanity,
and i`m sitting here
at Crash of Zeus`s
place together with
some ST-freaks and
thought that it
could be possible to
convert my starwars-
scroller from our
Elysium-Demo one to
one on ST, because I
did it without Blit-
ter and with few
Although It took
some hours to do it
we had no serious
problems. After I
made the effect run
it was jackys job
to do all the ST-
specific stuff like
a bit overscan and
the coppersimulation
I have to leave soon
so I hope he manages
it well!
Well, if you say
it is lame to do an
Amiga-demo without
blitter you are to-
tally right, but it
is the oldest part
of our elysium-demo,
and so it is not so
tragic. only the ef-
fect counts, and
even amiga-coders
know how to use the
Perhaps some of you
might think, this is
some kind of publi-
city-stunt from ACF,
no, this is really
nothing more than
a crazy idea of my
stupid brain! Per-
haps you can see me
at the ST-Fair in
germany, but I don`t
know if I can get
there cheap enough.
I am very interested
in contact to other
st-coders for bidi-
rectional exchange
of coding-experience
we can learn from
each other! We got
the same CPU, and
every good idea on
ST should work on
Amiga, too, if it is
not only another try
to do something that
is extremly easy on
amiga on ST by cluck-
ing your machine.
I can`t understand
why you do this kind
of coding,because if
you do with your ma-
chine what it`s
made for instead of
what it isn`t made
for, you should get
better results. Your
machine is made for
effects like this!
no copper,no blitter
no fancy timing, but
pure processor power
and your processor
is really faster!
the Amigacoders have
to learn that using
the Blitter is not
always the fastest
solution, a good
trick can help you
more than the most
advanced hardware.
the usual way of do-
ing is to bend the
hardware-sprites (I
think so...), but I
proved that it`s
possible with the
processor, too. I
also did some ef-
fects for my next
demo, that could be
done on st. So it`s
interesting for you
to talk with me, and
if you`re doing more
than fornicating your
hardware by strange
timing-tricks, it`s
interesting for me,
Yeah, not all Amiga-
freaks believe in
the silly war be-
tween our worlds,
software- companies
know that it is stu-
pid to release a
game on only one ma-
chine, we have to
learn this for our
demo`s, too.
if you want to chat
with me, just dial
** ***
** germany **
**four one four one**
* six nine five o *
* nine **
* **
I heard that unrea-
dable scrollers are
traditional on the
st, but I think it`s
the same as on Amiga
except for the fact
that ripping on st
is much harder...
I don`t know How it
is on ST, but I usu-
ally don`t protect
my code (and scroll)
against ripping, be-
cause it`s absolute-
ly useless and a
waste of time. Well,
if you want to read
it, you won`t get
around to rip the
text. r ?.
I had real problems
writing this text,
because there are
nearly no ST-Freaks
in Stade (where I
Live), and the few
(two) freaks I know
have absolutely no
contact to something
like the scene, and
they have(of course)
a B-W-monitor, the
only realy important
advantage of the ST
(except for the
price). By the way,
some of the spelling
and punctuation er-
rors in this scroll
are made on purpose,
to get everything in
one line (ok, a very
bad excuse for being
too lame to use the
dictionary...). I
didn`t manage to
find a ST in my home
town that suited my
needs, and so I wro-
te the text on my
Amiga. I hope that
Jacky has no pro-
blems in converting
the source that was
converted from st to
amiga after it was
converted from amiga
to the st. puhh...
does anybody read
this uninteresting
ascii? It may be of
some interest for
some coders, nothing
more, but I think it
is better than the
usual you can`t be-
lieve how stoned we
were when we had our
last meeting and we
are so cool and we
are so hoopy-talk.
Is anybody reading
such long scrolls?
the answer is not
I don`t know, the
answer is yes, at
least I do!
Well, I end here,
because I have to
edit the movement-
lists and some other
stuff, so Bye then
and I hope for a
good cooperation be-
tween amiga and ST!
At the end, -JACKY-
wanna say something.
I think it was fun
to work with an
Amiga owner! And
with a cool one, too
-CHAOS- is one of
the best Amiga-coder
I know. And he is
famous, too. He did
many great things:
Just one example: He
coded a screen for a
german computer-mag!
I hope to make an
other screen with
him in the future...
let`s start again...
is 73 Falcon patched atari games enough ? ^^
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Post by Pink/RG »

an interesting read - nice bit of hacking there ggn!
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