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Galtan 6 Megademo

Post by bod/STAX »

Has anyone managed to get this demo to work under Saint or Steem (Steem in particular)? If so what TOS/Setup are you using?

Whatever I try all the fullscreens and sync-scrolls are screwed up and I can't select any of the screens from the mainmenu.

I want to try and get this to work as it's one of the few megademos I haven't seen.
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Re: Galtan 6 Megademo

Post by SkylineDave »

it was quite a challange to get any of the screens working while i was adding G6 to DemoBaseST.
I used a 1mb ST in STeem 3.2, with TOS 1.04
In the end, the Main Menu, Big Logo and Full Scroll screens still have flickering errors, while Reset, Intro, Oh That, Mega Deth and Big Six work correctly.
...maybe the -stfmborder tag was needed in some of the screens, i cant remember
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