Second Reality 2013 - ultrasatan

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Second Reality 2013 - ultrasatan

Post by twh »

Hi ,

is there a way to load and run the the Second Reality 2013 release on Atari ST with HDD / ultrasatan without floppy disk?

I'm asking because my floppy drive is for years now non-functional. And I was pretty good without using any floppy disks but using SD-cards only.

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Re: Second Reality 2013 - ultrasatan

Post by CiH »

I'd be interested too.

AFAIK, none of Checkpoint's ST demos run from hard disk. I believe that some routines and timings for certain effects/screens may be dependent on how a floppy disk functions?

Unless there is a third party rework to get this demo running from hard disk I don't hold out much hope. It is extremely unlikely to come from the author, as he had a nasty falling out with the Atari scene in general a while back. :cry:
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Re: Second Reality 2013 - ultrasatan

Post by elluigi »

It runs fine with imgrun ;-)
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