Atari Tranfofio Shell simply called Trans Shell

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Atari Tranfofio Shell simply called Trans Shell

Postby rcamp48 » Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:15 pm

Hi Guys:

I spent the greater part of 36 hours on QB64 modifying an existing program to interface with Transfolio. The Zip file is in the description of the video that I made showing how to use it, the zip file includes the main program , bas source code, Transfolio 1.01, and the entire library that I have from Paul's site. It is all set up for you to start sending or receiving files to or from the Atari Portfolio. Have a look at the video to see what I mean. Russ

Now for another popular question: How many of you would like to see a dedicated Atari Portfolio channel or group here on Atari Forum, I am interested in running it as I know quite a bit about the Atari Portfolio, and I am one of the original owners of the first ones that were out in 1989 or around there.

Now supporting Atari Portfolio , my archives are still being maintained.
BBS is now up again as an Atari BBS, run on PC, cause I sold everything but my Atari Portfolio.
Note: Atari Portfolio IDE CF kits are being made. Get yours today! :megaphone:
Spy Visits Spy BBS is back online at telnet port 1989 web port 1990 :megaphone:
Note the Port number changes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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