Fading Twilight, Atari composer database V8.4 - 12/JUL/2012

Fading Twilight is a huge archive of all the music (in every possible format) that has ever been released for the Atari.

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Fading Twilight, Atari composer database V8.4 - 12/JUL/2012

Postby lotek_style » Mon Sep 16, 2002 8:38 am

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                                   _._ __ ____     _    ___ ___ _._
                        |/(__\\___)   \/   (___\\__)\|
                        |                            |
              ______    |       _____           _____|
          _ _/     / ___|_ ____\\  _/_    __ __\\_   \_ ____
         _) \    _/_\\_   \\     _/  (_ _\\_)_   /    //  _//_____
         \   \___\    /    /     \    /      (_ /     \   \_     /
         /_____\     _    /_______\ __\       /_\______\   /    /
             _ ______\____\          _ _______\     _|__________\
                        |                            |
                        |    · fADiNG tWiLiGHT! ·    |
      ____              |_              __           |     .____.
    _/   //_  _______ _\\_)_   ___  _ _\\_)_  ____  _|_____|    | ____
   _)     _/__\__   /      (_ /  /_____    (_/  _//__|__   |    |/   //_
   \      \     /   \       // _//    /     /   \_     /   _    |     _/
   /_______\   /\    \ _____\  \     /______\    /    /____\____|     \
        _ _____/\____/  | _ ____\____\   _ ___________\       _ _______\
                        |                            |
                    diP |                            | dTR
                     _ _|____________________________|_ _
                        :                            :
                        |                            |
                        |  atari composer data-base  |
                        |                            |
                        |     V8.4 - 12/JUL/2012     |
                        '                            '
                        |      composers so far      |
                        |            341             |
                        '                            '
                        .          edited by         .
                        |         lotek style        |
                        '                            '

In this list are all musicians featured who are currently present in the
Fading Twilight archive. Countries so far: Sweden, Finland, Poland, France,
Germany, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, USA, Norway, Austria, Slowak Republic, Czech
Republic, Australia and Iceland.

n/a = not available


pseudo, crew, realname, country, e-mail, website (personal or crew)

-505, Paradox^Checkpoint^Creators, Nils Feske, Germany, nf326036[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de, http://checkpoint.atari.org/
-7an, Sync, Juan Irming, Sweden, 7an[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]sync.st, http://web.archive.org/web/20060919044833/http://www.sync.st/

-Acid, The Blues Boys, Pekka Riikonen, Finland, priikone[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]iki.fi, http://silcnet.org/priikone/
-Adamsky, Echo magazine, Adam Rogala, Poland, adam.rogala[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]box43.pl, n/a
-AiO, Toys, Joakim Karlsson, Sweden, aio[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]amiga.tm or aio[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]atari.org, http://web.archive.org/web/20050409144050/http://aio.nocrew.org/
-Ajt aka Axis, Hemoroids, Jerome Angelot, France, axis[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]chez.com or axisrecord[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmail.com, http://www.chez.com/axis/
-Akira, The Chaos Engine, Jan Bengia, Germany, akira[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]aenigma.de, http://www.aenigma.de/
-Alan F, Reward, Davor Slutej, UK, n/a, n/a
-Alan Parker, ST Knights^Fuzion^Hemoroids, Alain Schintu, France, n/a, http://membres.lycos.fr/stk/
-Alchemist, The Untouchables, Stuart Carter, UK, alchemist[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]mini.demon.co.uk, http://mini.demon.co.uk/~stu/
-An Cool, The Carebears, Anders Nilsson, Sweden, n/a, http://home.earthlink.net/~chhome/ancool.html
-Andi, Ica, Andi Frodsham, UK, n/a, n/a
-Astrogenic Hallucinauting, Spike's Knives and Nails, Spike the Percussionist, USA, speyek[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]johnnie.com, http://www.manipulate.net/skan/
-Ayreon, The Atari Boys, Getjan Demming, Netherlands, getjan[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]xs4all.nl, http://www.xs4all.nl/~getjan

-BabyDee aka Stormboy, Effect, Dave Saphier, UK, em22[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]madtracker.net, n/a
-Badsnail, Next Generation Crew, Franck Ruyer, France, badsnail[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmail.com, http://membres.lycos.fr/badsnail/
-Baggio, Evolution^Spice Boys^Wildfire, Robert Hoegberg, Sweden, baggio[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]canit.se, http://evolution.atari.org/
-Bart of Noise, Megabusters^Heaven Software, Jean-Baptiste (Bart) Defossez, France, n/a, n/a
-Bartman (RIP+1996), Shadows^Vacuum^FCI, Bartosz Kalinowski, Poland, n/a, n/a
-BB cluck, No Limit Coding, Philippe Delvigne, France, pdelvigne[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]nerim.fr, http://filigrif.com/
-Beast, The Syndicate^Reanimators, Fredrik Havneskold, Sweden, def[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]unx.nu, n/a
-Beatbox, Aura, Mike Szymanski, Germany, mike[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]szymanski.de, http://www.szymanski.biz
-Belwon, -, Waldemar Belwon, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Betrayer, Paranoia^Grim Reaper Crew, Niclas Brunbäck, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Big Alec, Delta Force, Gunnar Gaubatz, Germany, n/a, n/a
-Big Boss Man aka NiceGuyUK, Demografica, Rob Cowell, UK, gnomealone[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmail.com, n/a
-Bigfoot, MJJ Productions, Sebastien Molines, France, clafou[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]ifrance.com, http://clafou.free.fr/
-Bip, Cybernetics, Olivier Jacques, France, olivier[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]olivierjacques.com, http://cyber.savina.net/
-Bitmaps, Cyberline, Olivier Deriviere, France, n/a, n/a
-Blackbrain aka Brainwasher, Atrocity^Eagles, Thierry Philippe, France, kikook[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]free.fr, n/a
-Blind IO, Creators, Nils Olov Mikael Degerfält, Sweden, micke[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]micke.cc, http://micke.cc/
-Blue Nun aka Ice eye, Anatomica, Erik Gustavsson, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Blue Tiger, Spider, Christophe Cautere, France, n/a, n/a
-Bodenstaendig 2000, -, Dragan Espenschied & Bernhard Kirsch, Germany, drx[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]bodenstaendig.de, http://www.bodenstaendig.de/
-Bruce, Federal Noise^Kuba, Bruce Thomson, UK, bruce_mckinnon_thomson[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]yahoo.co.uk, n/a
-Butter, Rasero Team, Lukasz Koplinski, Poland, eros_cbr[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]poczta.fm, n/a

-C-Frog aka D-Vibe, Nature, Daniel Persson, Sweden, DxVibe[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmail.com, http://www.froggmusic.se/ or http://www.myspace.com/froggmusic
-Cals'n, Eagles, Stephane Navailles, France, n/a, n/a
-Carbon aka NMI, Revival^Effect, Simon Osborne, UK, flibble[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmail.com, n/a
-Casanova, Tigersoft, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Cybernetic Brain Musix [cbm], tSCc, Michael Ber, Germany, el_muchacho[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]web.de, n/a
-Cedyn aka Goaman, Shadows^Monar records, Marcin Czartynski, Poland, cedyn[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]wp.pl, n/a
-Celtic, Aura, Sven Lahann, Germany, Lahann[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmx.de, n/a
-Cerror, Northern Dragons, Netherlands, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Cesar, Accs^The End, Julien Gachadoat, France, n/a, n/a
-Chaoz, QFT Sound Connexxion, Holger Klaus, Germany, n/a, n/a
-Charles, n/a, n/a, Canada, n/a, n/a
-Charon aka Quark, Nato^Game Over, Alexander Feige, Germany, bush-sucks[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]web.de, http://www.gute-musik.org/
-Chromatic, Iridium, Franck Hennequin, France, franck.hennequin[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmail.com, http://hennequin.franck.free.fr/
-Chromex, Hydroxid, Remi Fouin, France, n/a, http://www.chez.com/ekergoat/chromex_about.htm
-Chromix, NeXT, Emmanuel Courossé, France, n/a, http://www.defence-force.org/computing/demo/scene/next/index.htm
-Cih, Maggie Team, Christopher Ian Holland, UK, maggieteam[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]zetnet.co.uk, http://cih.atari.org/
-Clawz, Oxygene, Mathieu Berthaud, France, n/a, n/a
-Colibri, Sewer Software, n/a, Australia, n/a, n/a
-Comp7, Bassment^Fun, Maurits van de Kamp, Netherlands, maurits[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]revee.com, http://www.revee.com/
-Connor, The Naughty Bytes, Gerald Spreer, Germany, n/a, n/a (Gerald Spreer, FCJG Mitarbeiterschule, Wislader Weg 8, 58513 Lüdenscheid)
-Conrardy Tim (RIP+2009), -, Tim Conrardy, USA, tconrardy[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmail.com, http://tamw.atari-users.net/
-Cool Coyote, Avengers, Jay Bercand, France, n/a, n/a
-Corni, QFT Soundconnexxion, Cornelius Rath, Germany, n/a, n/a
-Corpse, Psychonomix, Michael Molkenthin, Germany, molle[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]tecs.de, http://www.psychonomix.de/
-CosmosH, FLA, Herve Martinaux, France, cosmos_h[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]yahoo.fr, http://fla.atari.org/
-Count 0, Electronic Images, Nic Alderton, UK, nic.alderton[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]complexity.org, n/a
-Crawdaddy, Chronicle, Vesa Pellinen, Finland, vesa.pellinen[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]cdqsolutions.fi, n/a
-Crazy Q, DHS^Timebomb, Christian Kallstrom, Sweden, christian[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]estradmusik.se, http://www.dhs.nu/
-Creator, Aggression^Chronicle^Royal Instant Pudding, Jani Penttinen, Finland, jani_penttinen[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmail.com, http://www.penttinen.com/
-!Cube aka Guyer, Aggression^Trauma^Recreation^SCS*TRC^Scallop^Armada, Toni Lönnberg, Finland, tlonnber[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]cs.helsinki.fi, http://cube.gfxile.net/t/
-Cyberpunk, Germs, Winfried Strauss, Germany, wini[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]conterm-red.de, http://www.conterm-red.de/
-Cyclone, Quartex, n/a/, UK, n/a, n/a

-D.D, Spider, David Lecerf, France, n/a, n/a
-D-Force, Lineout^Fun, Matthijs Witteveen, Netherlands, d.force[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]home.nl, http://lineout.atari.org/
-Dal, Awesome, Darren Ithel, UK, n/a, n/a
-Dame Vera Lynn, Senior Dads, Mike James, United Kingdom, n/a, n/a
-Damo aka Drus, Reservoir Gods^Redlite, Damian Russell, United Kingdom, damo[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]tx-rx.co.uk, http://www.reservoir-gods.com
-Danny O., Risk, Tobias Bonnke, Germany, danny.oneway[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmailsucks.zzn.com, n/a
-Dasse, Dead Hackers Society, Dan Evertsson, Sweden, dasse[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]dhs.nu, http://dasse.dhs.nu/
-Dave, Trideja, David Toews, USA, dave[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]trideja.com, http://www.trideja.com/
-Dave, Shadows^Vacuum^Freezers, Dawid Nabialek, n/a, Poland, n/a
-Davis Will, -, Will Davis, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Dbug, NeXT, Mickael Pointier, France, mike[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]defence-force.org, http://www.defence-force.org/computing/demo/scene/next/index.htm
-Derek aka Acheron, Trideja, Derek Warren, USA, derek[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]trideja.com, http://www.trideja.com/
-Delos, Naos^Cyclades, Eric Wager, France, dok[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]noos.fr, n/a
-Deneb, Fantasy, Loukouman Amidou, France, louk[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]freesurf.fr, http://web.archive.org/web/20050313040403/http://fantasy.planet-d.net/main.html
-Devil, Strangern/a, n/a, Germany, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Diego, Accs, n/a, France, n/a, n/a
-Diskbuster, Alcatraz^Drifters, Fabrice Hautecloque, France, n/a, n/a
-Dizzy Tunes aka Hapungo, Imagina, Stein Arvid Håseth, Norway, hapungo[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmail.com, n/a
-Dizzy Tun3z, -, Christer Gundersen, Norway, dtun3z[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]online.no, n/a
-DJ Matko, -, Matko Dijkman, Netherlands, n/a, n/a
-DJ Rondel, Animkomialz, n/a, Poland, n/a, n/a
-Djamm aka Keio aka Moonove, Eko^Exa^Bomb^Level-d^Sunlikamelo-d, Reynald Deliens, France, djamm[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]club-internet.fr or djamm[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]planet-d.net, ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/music/artists/keio/
-Dma Sc, Sector One, Mathieu Stempell, France, dma-sc[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]wanadoo.fr, http://sectorone.atari.org/
-Docs, -, Yvan Doyeux, France, n/a, n/a
-Doctor J, Rad BBS, Jeff Payne, USA, n/a, n/a
-Domm, Animal Mine, Dominik Bohn, Germany, dbohn[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmx.de, n/a
-Doze, Anatomica, Emil Gustafsson, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Dr. Kaya, NLC, n/a, France, n/a, n/a
-Dr. Max, Mystic Bytes, Marcin Kowalczyk, Poland, n/a, n/a
-Drost, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Dubmood, n/a, n/a, France, n/a, n/a
-Duffy, -, Cedric Andreu, France, n/a, n/a
-Dumbo, Big Noz, Laurent de Soras, France, ldesoras[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]club-internet.fr, n/a
-Dump aka Nikom aka Cougar, PoSiTiViTy^Fuzion, Jean-Patrice Latour, France, n/a, n/a

-Earx, Lineout^Fun, Pieter van der Meer, Netherlands, earx[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]atari.org, http://lineout.atari.org/
-Energizer, Lazer, Harald Riegler, Austria, harald[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]sproing.com, http://www.sproing.com/
-Energy, The Chaos Engine, Carsten Tolkmit, Germany, ctolkmit[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]tng.de, http://www.tolkmit.de/carsten/
-Equilizer, The Untouchables, Andrew J. Wood, United Kingdom, n/a, n/a
-Essence aka Anasazi, Imagina, Vidar Svendsen, Norway, n/a, n/a
-Evil, Dead Hackers Society, Anders Erikson, Sweden, ae[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]atari.org, http://www.dhs.nu/
-Exarch, Paranoia, n/a, United Kingdom, n/a, n/a

-Fabounio, -, Luc Marrand, France, fabounio[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]free.fr, http://fabounio.free.fr/
-Falcoholic, Collapze, Jonas Forsstrom, Sweden, Falcoholic[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]swipnet.se, n/a
-Fash, Federation of Free Traders (FOFT), Steve Harrison, n/a, n/a, http://comclub.dyndns.org/foft/
-FFT, NeXT, Richard Perdriaux, France, n/a, http://www.defence-force.org/computing/demo/scene/next/index.htm
-Flex, The Blues Boys, Paavo Nieminen, Finland, n/a, n/a
-Floopy, MJJ Productions^Dune^Intense, Richard Talano, France, voodo[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]wanadoo.fr, http://www.dune-design.com/
-Floso, The Lazer heads, Axel Fahl, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Fouche Frederic, n/a, Frederic Fouche, France, n/a, n/a
-Fox-1, MNX, Rene de Bien, Netherlands, txg01[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]xs4all.nl, n/a
-Frazer, The Syndicate^Reanimators, Andreas Franzen, Sweden, ayeph[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]bredband.net, n/a
-Frequent, Ephidrena, Norway, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Fried, Avena, Martin Friedel, Germany, fried[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]avena.com, http://www.avena.com
-Frightful, Cyrax, Jani Vartiainen, Finland, n/a, n/a
-Front 6, Absence.de, Sören Gessele, Germany, s_gessele[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]mail.netwave.de, n/a
-Furax, Equinox, Betrand Tornil (Bob Uss), France, bertrand.tornil[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmail.com, http://bobuss.free.fr/
-Fuzzkid, Collapze, Daniel de Maré, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Fxl, The Naughty Bytes, Tim Pidun, Germany, tim[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]pilot-media.de, n/a

-Gargamel, Dead Hackers Society, Stefan Lundberg, Sweden, n/a, http://www.dhs.nu/
-Gary, The Naughty Bytes, Stefan Fritze, Germany, n/a, n/a
-Gem Two, Unit 17, Per Jämta, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Gipn, ADM, Eric Ksouri, France, n/a, n/a
-Gmx, Satantronic, Gabriel Takacs, Slowak Republic, oupmoldava[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]nextra.sk, http://www.napri.sk/web/satantronic/
-Goldy, Therapy, Andre Dietze, Germany, ?, www.ll3k.com
-Gozer, Flash^Kruz, Seppo Santala, Finland, n/a, n/a (Ravaharjuntie 78, 62800 Vimpeli, Finland)
-Greg, Grayscale project^Bitbusters^Aids, Grzegorz Kwiatek, Poland, greg[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]igf.edu.pl, http://www.igf.edu.pl/~gregus or http://grayscale.scene.pl/
-Gregfeel, -, Grzegorz Struminski, Poland, n/a, n/a
-Groovemaster, HKT, Johannes Norneby, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Groovykid, n/a, n/a, France, n/a, n/a
-Gulligull, Dead Hackers Society, Niklas Sundin, Sweden, n/a, http://www.dhs.nu/
-Gwem, -, Gareth Morris, United Kingdom, gareth.morris[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]imperial.ac.uk, http://preromanbritain.com/gwem/

-Hagar, -, Wally Beben, UK, n/a, n/a
-Hamtech aka Sir Chriss, Votion, Krzysztof Jedowski, Poland, hospes[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]elblag.com.pl, n/a
-Havoc, Fun, Peter van Rijn, Netherlands, p.vanrijn[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]home.nl, http://www.fun-industries.nl/
-High Flyer, Passion, n/a, France, n/a, n/a
-Hobby One, Abstract, n/a, France, n/a, n/a

-Ice fka Perkele, Depression, Kimmo Polmio, Finland, n/a, n/a
-Iso, Sentry^Axis, Christiaan Unck, Netherlands, c.unck[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]chello.nl, n/a

-Jean-Luc, -, Joerg Loehn, Germany, joerg[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]loehn.de, http://www.loehn.de
-Jedi aka DJ Chrysalis, Sector One, Frank Denis, France, j[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]4u.net, n/a
-Jess, Overlanders, Jean-Sebastien Gerard, France, jessovr[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]freesurf.fr, n/a
-Jet, Avena, Michael Wiegers, Germany, n/a, http://www.avena.com
-Joe Cool, Checkpoint, Joerg Anderson, Germany, htw824[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmx.de, n/a
-Jora aka Silver, Black Monolith Team, Sven Bauer, Germany, n/a, n/a
-Joseph, -, Richard Joseph (RIP +2007), United Kingdom, -, -
-Josh, Excellent, Michal Lepkowski, Poland, n/a, n/a
-Juri, Newline, Thomas Jurisch, Germany, jurisch[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]firemail.de, n/a

-Kafka, Offbase, n/a, Sweden, n/a, n/a
-Kanewood, Arkham, Sébastien Hanel, France, kanewood[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]yahoo.com, http://www.kanewood.net/
-Katon, Etile, n/a, Poland, n/a n/a
-Kenet, Mandarine^Rebels (Ex-Ribbon), Raphael Quercy, France, kenet[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]pouet.net, http://kenet.planet-d.net/
-Kev, n/a, n/a, United Kingdom, n/a, n/a
-Killer, Arkham^Intense, Jimmy Andriambao, France, n/a, http://pyro.akm.free.fr/
-Kruse Eckhard, -, Eckhard Kruse, Germany, mail[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]eckhardkruse.net, http://www.eckhardkruse.net
-Koronis, Arsenic, Christophe Prillot, France, n/a, n/a
-KwiaTOStan (Mr.GOD/Elysium^Nah Kolor), Rasero Team, Lukasz SAwicki, Poland, n/a, n/a

-Lapatikk aka Kuchara, Excellent^Cobra, Konrad Kucharski, Poland, n/a, n/a
-Latyl, Arkham, Jeremy Routier, France, n/a, http://pyro.akm.free.fr/
-Legwan, Shadows, Jacek Lewandowski, Poland, n/a, n/a
-Liszt, n/a, n/a, France, n/a, n/a
-Lord, Crystalic, Patrik Karvonen, Sweden, crystalic2000[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]hotmail.com, http://www.crystalic.net/
-Lot, The Naughty Bytes^qft soundconnexxion, Arne Trautmann, Germany, n/a, http://www.arnetrautmann.de
-Lotek Style fka MC Laser, tSCc^YM Rockerz, Stefan Benz, Germany, lotekstyle[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]lotekstyle.de, http://www.lotekstyle.de/ and http://www.tscc.de/
-Lotus, Hotline, Laurens Tummers, Netherlands, n/a, n/a
-LST, Laserforce, Marc Gabard, France, lst[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]laserforce.org, http://lst.laserforce.org/
-Lt. Earwax, Imagina, Erik Steensrud Marstein, Norway, erik.stensrud.marstein[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]ife.no, n/a
-Luebke, Paranoia, Jochen Rieth, Germany, jrieth[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]mac.com, http://paranoia.atari.org/
-LynXX, -, Nicolas Guillaumin, France, LynXX[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]Hotmail.com, n/a

-Mad Max, The Exceptions, Jochen Hippel, Germany, JochenHippel[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]gmail.com, n/a
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-Zaphrodd, Blade BBS, Martin Bertrand, USA, n/a, n/a, n/a
-Zarmi, Ex-Supremacy, Frédéric Clarhaut, France, n/a, n/a
-Zigo aka Zigoma, EXA^Adrenaline^Arsenic^The Fat Mamoth, Thomas Goirand, France, thomas[FUCKOFFSPAMOTS!]goirand.fr, http://zigo.anotherlight.com
-Zoltar X, Apocalipse riders, Filip Golewski, Poland, n/a, n/a
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Postby chaoz » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:54 am

strange.... i found me in this list!

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Postby lotek_style » Fri Dec 22, 2006 5:43 am

Holger? :)
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Postby chaoz » Tue Dec 26, 2006 2:19 am


oh sorry, Yes!

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Postby lotek_style » Tue Dec 26, 2006 8:45 am

Macht nix ;) ... Mail mich bitte mal an: lotekstyle (at) lotekstyle.de
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Re: Fading Twilight, Atari composer database V7.3 - 30/JUL/2

Postby btg » Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:43 pm

lol am in the list too , sorry for the "up", and a shame the fading twilight project has ended :/

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Re: Fading Twilight, Atari composer database V7.3 - 30/JUL/2

Postby lotek_style » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:03 am

Hi BTG... I guess it mean Blue Tiger right?

Well the project isn't completely finished yet as there will be a Dual-layer DVD edition soon that contains all 12 CD-Roms plus lots of new material.
So if you have some old mods lying around please send them :)
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Re: Fading Twilight, Atari composer database V7.3 - 30/JUL/2

Postby btg » Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:28 pm

hi, cool for the project, and yes you guess right about my nick :)
I plan to recover the maximum floppies before all the magnetic surfaces die :D
i will probably find back some of my old mods in the process, i'll put them on a ftp then.
i subscribe on this forum to find where to buy a ultrasatan as i cant find any on ebay.
i am please to see the forum is still kind of active, "atari st forever" i used to write ;)

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Atari nerd
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Re: Fading Twilight, Atari composer database V7.3 - 30/JUL/2

Postby CoolCoyote » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:05 pm

Hi Lotek

Glad to see you again

i don't remember to be on that list.On which fading twilight may i be?

Say hello from me for the rest of the family !(scy and dynacore )

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Re: Fading Twilight, Atari composer database V7.3 - 30/JUL/2

Postby lotek_style » Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:04 pm

Hey Cool Coyote. Sorry for the late reply :)

You can be found on Expert Number 9:

http://fading-twilight.atari.org/browse ... OOL_COY%2F

If you have more stuff... please send it in for the DVD edition.
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