For sale: Music software/hardware

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For sale: Music software/hardware

Postby Greenious » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:13 pm

I need to downsize my atari collection, and I'm starting with some of the things I don't need. Over the years I've accumulated a lot of things that is just collecting dust, and I rather see these things end up with someone that uses them.

Dr.T Software:
X-oR Universal System Exlusive Orchestrator manual 1.1 1990. (2 copies in the same binder) Unfortunately no disks/software
X-oR Universal System Exlusive Orchestrator manual 2.0 1993. 4 disks included named X-OR profile disk 1-4
KCS Omega II, ver 5.0. 2 disks. 1993 + manual for Dr Ts programmable variations generatr and master editor + Dr.T software catalog 1993 and a poster
Price idea for everything DrT in a bundle: €50?

Music hardware
Falcon FA8 + FDI combo
Price idea €300

Notator Log3 (extra midiinterfaces and notator dongle in one) + Notator
Price idea €100

C-lab export (extra midi ports connecting to the serial port)
Price Idea €30

Link to my dropbox with pictures of what I have for sale, more pictures will be added as I go through my things... I do apologize for the bad pics, my camera is broken. ... pBk9a?dl=0
Feel free to make offers if you feel my pricing is off. If you are interested in more than one thing, I'd be more inclined to accept an offer.

Coming up in due time, a slightly dysfunctional F030 mobo, my spare CT60e, my spare ethernat, atleast one 68060 cpu, RAM of various types, joysticks, scsi interfaces, hdd's and other things I haven't thought of yet, so keep your eyes open.
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Re: For sale: Music software/hardware

Postby chrisnova777 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:36 pm

dibs on the export!!! my postal code: l4m 7h6 canada

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