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Best 8 bit keyboard

Postby seastalker » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:11 pm

I am a big clicky keyboard fan and have several Model M IBMs as a frame of reference. In the Atari 8 bit line, I have heard it said that the non-XL 800 and the 1200XL had the BEST keyboards. Having messed with the 400, 800, 600xl, 800xl, and XEGS my conclusions are this. The XE line looks to be the same as my XEGS as far as keyboards go but never had any to compare. OF the LISTED, the 800 (non XL) is the best feel I have with YELLOW switches.

1. Can anyone who owns the whole XE line confirm the keyboards are all the same feel as the XEGS?

2. For my best of the best, as I don't have a 1200, has anyone done a comparison of the 800 and 1200 keyboards? Also, are there micro-switch variants of the 800 and 1200xl that need scrutiny too?

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