Lemmings with 2 mice on windows 10 - Atari Steem Emulator?

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Lemmings with 2 mice on windows 10 - Atari Steem Emulator?

Postby bodomalo » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:55 am


Sorry if this topic has been covered before, I googled but could not found a real answer:
Is it possible to have 2 mice controllers on the Atari steem Emulator, running on Windows 10?

Is there some special configuration I need? Settings in files?
Do I just connect 2 USB mice to my laptop and it should work?

I am absolute new to this emulator, but would love to play the 2-player version of lemmings again.
I think there is an Amiga version too (but I had an Atari as a kid, so I would like to stay with that). I only found a very old forum message from year 2005 about the amiga500 2-mice emulator solution.

I believe these are the game files I need, stx ? http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-st ... _9822.html
(nope, I do not have any floppy disks since a long time :-( )

On lemmings I may have spend 1000 hours of playing, and another 3000 hours on Arkanoid :-D


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