FX CAST Atari ST core


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Re: FX CAST Atari ST core

Postby slingshot » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:08 am

ijor wrote:Probably MiSTery is still not as accurate as my core in ST mode. But I expect it to mostly catch up sooner or later. Perhaps with the main exception of supporting copy protected images. Well, at least that would be difficult to implement within the limitations of the MiST hardware. This is a pitty, because copy protected images exercise and test core accuracy even more than demos. Might be possible, perhaps, with some pre processing performed at a PC.

Of course it's not. Troed's wakestate detection code still identifies the machine as STe even in ST mode. However the mentioned two demos have other problems. Maybe MFP issue, just curious how did you implement it? Experimented until worked (I think it's not your style), or decapped the MFP, too?

Don't know if it will ever support copy protections, but if 0 wait state ROM access was possible, then maybe this one, too. However a demo-friendly blitter is higher priority for me.

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