Hatari ported to Ouya as "atabee"

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Hatari ported to Ouya as "atabee"

Postby simonsunnyboy » Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:12 am

As a fresh owner of the Ouya console (http://ouya.tv/) I discovered yesterday that Hatari has been ported to the console under the name "atabee": http://absencehq.de/atabee/

Contrary to SToid a link to the sources is provided making it this time GPL conformant.

Sofar I only tried the official distribution which ships approx v1.7 of Hatari with EmuTOS 0.9.1 and a disk image of Nostalgic-O demo which seems to be working. I will test the emulator more in the future and see how much Hatari is in there. The SDL gui is builtin any case like a standard Hatari.
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