FOR SALE: Atari ST 520 STE Computer - 4Mb Upgrade TOS v2.06

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FOR SALE: Atari ST 520 STE Computer - 4Mb Upgrade TOS v2.06

Postby Tronic » Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:29 pm

Atari ST 520 STE Computer

Fully tested - Refurbished

4Mb memory upgrade

TOS v2.06 operating system

Supplied with a power cable (13A to IEC) and RF aerial cable on request for free

Floppy drive tested - heads cleaned

Mouse and joystick ports tested

100 pass memory test

Bug free DMA chip C398739-001A
(Important if you are attaching a hard drive)


Some of the benefits of the latest TOS v2.06 operating system are:-

Last version of Atari TOS for the 68000 line
Many bug fixes
Atari logo display at boot-up
Automatic cold boot memory test
Support for 1.4MB diskettes
6ms step rate
Better media-change detection

"NewDesk" desktop gains features from Gribnif's NeoDesk, including:-

Definable keyboard shortcuts
Install programs/files/folders as icons on desktop
Install all available drives with one operation
Automatic fitting of icons to window
Configurable desktop and window colours
File and device icons
Single-operation copy/move and rename
Windows scrollable while files selected
"Select all" command
Programs start-able with function keys
Bypass program autostart by holding down Control key
Enter special characters with Alt-[numeric keypad] combinations
File search function
File masks support
Multiple desktop configurations
Directory list printing
Unsorted view
Resolution change with Alt-[number]
7 windows allowed
Bring-window-to-top function.
Friendliest and most stable version
Preferred choice for serious ST use.
Version 2.05 incorporated
features from TOS 3.05 to harmonize the two. AKA "Mega STE TOS"

I am looking for £90 for this unit plus shipping:-

UK P&P - £14
Europe - £35
Rest of the world - £55
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