File Transfer PC <-> atari

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File Transfer PC <-> atari

Postby LorenzYM » Sun May 09, 2010 8:23 pm


I'm looking for a way to tranfser Files from a PC to Atari - per Midi_ports. I read about the progy "", which seems to do this.
But the Steem Midi-emulation just handles Midi-Messages, right? so it won't work i guess. i had a look at other emulators but none of them seems to have midi emulation (for XP)...

I thought that i'd maybe do a little programm in gfa itself, but well...
maybe someone can help me.

I'm thinking of connecting the emulated serial port of steem with my Usb-Midi interface - and then the Midi into the real ST.
I thought it could work with some simple INP and OUT commands...

later i tried something with Open - but ...

OPEN mode$,#n,name$[,len]

something like:
(steem side)

Code: Select all

OPEN "I",#1,"C:\test.lst"
OPEN "O",#2, "AUX:"       ´ thats the question - in the manual theres written that i can put 'AUX:' or 'MID:' instead of filename but it adds semiclones...
       WHILE block%>32000
         PRINT #2,INPUT$(32000,#1);
         SUB block%,32000
       PRINT #2,INPUT$(block%,#1);
       CLOSE #1
       CLOSE #2
'(on Atari Side) something like:

OPEN "I",#2,"MID:"
OPEN "O",#3, "E:\test.lst"
PRINT #3,INPUT$(32000,#2);

doesn't work.
as you know, I don't know too much about gfa and coding, but I'd really like to have such a proggy, because my floppy drive broke.

help is appreciated,

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Re: File Transfer PC <-> atari

Postby charles » Mon May 10, 2010 12:52 am

the steem side should maybe install a larger buffer for the input
then wait using inp? or a bios command for input at specified port ,
from there bytes will be read from array of the inputs buffer,,,

what about disk protection ?

and you need to do a lot of directory tree searching on the atari side..

how com[lex... or theoughal did you desire?

confused.. contact
me in private if you really want to do more

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Re: File Transfer PC <-> atari

Postby wongck » Mon May 10, 2010 11:52 am

Why do MIDI which has a speed of 31K baud?
You can try to connect serial port and use HSmodem to speed up to higher speed.
Does STEEM do serial ports?
If yes, you may want to look at
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Re: File Transfer PC <-> atari

Postby lp » Mon May 10, 2010 2:28 pm

By default TOS uses rather small buffers for the ports. So stuffing 32kb at once likely causes a buffer overrun. Generally you need some sort of flow control.

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Re: File Transfer PC <-> atari

Postby Emphii » Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:52 pm

If you have parallel port in PC, why not use Parcp ( I've found this very useful, until I bought my present PC. The cable between Atari & PC is easy to build. Just buy a cable and dummy end and little soldering will do that. There is a pictured piece of instruction how to connect the pins.

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