Problems with my Gotek with Hxc

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Problems with my Gotek with Hxc

Postby Sowden » Mon Aug 05, 2019 2:45 am

Hey guys. So a guy came to me and wanted me to install my old Gotek I had. It has HxC2001 v3.0.8.2a and the machine is a STE with Rainbow TOS. I got it installed but it started acting real wonkey on me. For one no matter what I mount in slot 001 it would never read, even if I put the same disk in another slot. Sometimes it wouldn't boot on the first time I turn it on after being off for a while. It would display the "hXc" on the display. So my first thought was to upgrade the firmware. But when I tired, it would flash the number "003" on the display and it would never update. Does anyone know what I might do or might be missing? Thanks.

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Re: Problems with my Gotek with Hxc

Postby alexfal » Tue Aug 06, 2019 5:19 pm

I had some issue with attempting to firmware update on my Falcon, but it did eventually take after holding the two buttons on the GoteK whilst switching on Atari - it flashed then restart - the boot menu program should give you an indication if you're using the latest firmware.

Also whenever updating firmware whatever mode you use I usually have to recopy the HXCSDFE.CFG file from the latest zip file you got the update from (e.g. Config_Files\Autoboot_mode\HXCSDFE.CFG) onto the root of the USB stick. In automatic mode at least it clears the slot configuration so you'll have to set it up again.

Good luck!

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