Last firmware for lotharek SD floppy emul

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Last firmware for lotharek SD floppy emul

Postby jcpamart » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:30 pm


Where can I find the last firmware for a extern floppy emulator SD card ?

Seems the zip file on the official website not run, or it's coming from my SD card ????


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Re: Last firmware for lotharek SD floppy emul

Postby siriushardware » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:24 pm

How exactly are you trying to use the .zip file which contains the firmware update?

As far as I can see the zip is not a self-extracting, self executing file.

When extracted with the original folder structure intact, the main folder will contain another folder and other files one of which is Update_Procedure.txt which is a text file explaining how to apply the firmware update. If you have followed the instructions in that text file, then at which point does the update process fail?

For your convenience, here is the relevant part of Update_Procedure.txt

> Firmware update

-> Copy the new firmware file (*.upd) to a freshly formated FAT32 SDCard.
-> Insert the SDCard into the emulator
-> Press Left and Right buttons before power up and keep it pressed at least 1 seconds at power up.
-> Wait some seconds .... its done !

Note 1:
The file must be unfragmented on the sdcard and must be in the first part of the root directory.
For these reasons it is recommended to use a freshly formatted FAT32 SDCard, otherwise you may get the error 4 or 6 (see note 2).

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