HxC Firmware for Gotek updates.

Everything related to using the HxC Floppy Emulator hardware on your Atari.

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HxC Firmware for Gotek updates.

Postby Jeff_HxC2001 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:16 pm

03 December 2017: Firmware STM32 USB HxCFloppyEmulator v3.1.0.4a

Major firmware update !

- New direct file formats support (Read & Write !) :
- Acorn machines : *.ADL,*.ADM,*.SSD,*.DSD and *.ADF file support
- Camputer Lynx : *.LDF
- Commodore C64 : *.D81
- Thomson machines : *.FD
- Sam Coupé : *.SAD, *.MGT
- MSX Machines : *.IMG, *.DSK
- Spectrum : *.TRD, *.SDD

- New menu entry : Target system family selection.
This reduce a lot the risk of erroneous raw file identification.

- Lots of RAW file support improvements :
All sector sizes supported, advanced track skew and interleaving support.
FM & MFM support.

- Amstrad CPC DSK support : Fix for the One Disk/double sided Batman demo.

- Fix attempt of the "diymore.cc" OLED screens : OLED init screen delay
menu option added.
(Note : Please avoid these "diymore.cc" screens until i got an idea
what is the root cause of the issue.)

- Internal improvement : Track cache layer improved, RAW files support/identification improved.

Please report any issue to hxc2001 <at> hxc2001.com
Thanks ! :)

http://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_driv ... rmware.zip

http://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_driv ... _notes.txt

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