Problem with slim SD card floppy emulator and Atari TT set up

Everything related to using the HxC Floppy Emulator hardware on your Atari.

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Problem with slim SD card floppy emulator and Atari TT set up

Postby gogsymac » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:52 pm

I have a slim floppy emulator Rev F from Lotharek and I am having problems setting it up to work with my TT.

I have set up the SD card as per the instructions and it works fine with a Mega ST which I have but will just not boot up with the TT.
On the TT with the autoboot file on the card it starts to boot up but when it reaches the ST card manager it just freezes with the message displayed "LBA Change Test Failed ! Write Issue ? I am not sure what that means.

If the autoboot is disabled then the computer boots up OK but when you try and access Drive A it doesn't recognise any disc there. Once or twice Drive A has worked in that it does read the card and opens a window but the names of the files are all corrupted. Mostly it just doesn't work at all.

It works OK on the Mega so I am assuming the the problem is peculiar to the TT. Can anyone help with this?

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