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Hades060 Questions

Postby Poobah » Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:09 pm

So after a lot of driving and the loss of one of my falcons, I now have a Hades060. :D
She's currently getting a serious bath, and I have some questions about her.

1) ET6000 or Mach64? She came with a Mach64, I have a 2meg ET6000 in my pile o stuff. I could also probably dig up a Rage Pro, assuming someone has the flash for it.

2) The CPLD near the ROMS has(ok had) a couple wires attached to it. one goes from pin 22 to the bottom of the board and onto a simm socket pin. The other one looks like it connected two pins on the CPLD. One end is on pin 56, the other end is loose, but looks like it should be on pin 48 (or 47 or 49). Can anyone confirm which pin?

3) Which is preferred, EDO or FPM? It has FPM now, but I have tons of good 72pin EDO. (though the FPM is passing on my tester at 50nS!)

4) What is the recommended OS on a Hades?

5) Do I have the latest CPLD versions? xc7354 near the roms is labeled "5", xc7336 by the PCI slots is "4" xc7372 beneath the RTC is harder to decipher, looks like a capital "H", 11?

6) Audio. Does the YM sound come out the speaker header? For PCI cards, I have an ES1370, an ES1373 and a CT5580 in my pile o' stuff. I think I know where I can grab an es1371 audip pci, but I was wondering if one of the ones I have will work.

7) Can't see a serial # on the board anywhere... Do they have ser #s, and where are they located?

8 ) Not sure of the RTC (DS12887) battery condition. I have a couple new 12887A's for Falcon replacements, can I just drop one of those in?

Thanks for the help!
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Re: Hades060 Questions

Postby lp » Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:06 pm

1. Stick with the Mach64. I had a Rage Pro, was nothing but trouble (unstable) and also requires a special version of NVDI above and beyond the special chip change on the video card itself. Not worth the trouble. ET6000 works, but there is no video mode generator as the current one is for ET4000, so if you don't mind being stuck with some canned modes, you can try that. I don't know exactly which ET6000 models work and you also have to change the video driver in the auto folder.

2. No clue. Don't have any wires near my roms. Possibly a repair job or a revision change.

3. EDO support was added at some later revision. EDO will speed it up if the machine supports it. Mine has EDO.

4. I recommend FreeMiNT. Mine has booted MINT for some years. If you want all the ethernet, internet, daemons and goodies forget magic.

5. Download http://dev-docs.atariforge.org/files/hadesfaq.hyp
The page called "Chipset" may be of interest.

6. See http://assemsoft.atari.org/gsxb/index.html
You want an ES1371 compatible card. The YM sound comes out the speaker. Works like a TT in this regard, no PCI card required for YM sound.

7. Depends on the age of the board. Later revisions had them added into the Desktop credit box. Otherwise I think its likely hand written on the board somewhere in some format only Fredi knows. ;o)

8. I'm not sure about the RTC. I know it is a Dallas DS1287. If you can find an equivalent part, it should work I would think.

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