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STeem & Printing...

Postby FujiMan » Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:43 am

I've been fooling with this all day, and cannot seem to get this to work.

STeem 2.3 or SSE, using (NVDI 5 or SGDOS 5 - doesn't matter) and Recipe Box v5.1 set to Printer, LPT1:
PC, connected to HP LaserJet 6p.
NVDI set to HP LaserJet driver.
HP set-up in 'Printers & Fax' to print directly (no spool).

Data is being sent to printer, but times out after ~10min and print 1/8 of the page.

Real hardware setup exactly the same, prints perfectly in ~3 minutes.

Any ideas would be great.

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