Yopaz: IceStar Sound issues @ the FireBee

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Yopaz: IceStar Sound issues @ the FireBee

Postby Mathias » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:34 am

I got all the cool new Orion games yesterday. I just can suggest them to everybody!

The only issue I found was with Yopaz´sound. The x2 prg (double size for huge screens) just has a loud interference and no sound effects or music at all. The smaller version of the game has still a very loud interferrence but I can hear the sound in the background.
Alice Moms recue on the other hand works perfectly and has no sound probblems at all! BTW the music of Alice Moms Rescuse is damn cool!

Was this problem already reported? If not, does the sound work with some MiNT or FireTOS version without problems?
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Re: Yopaz: IceStar Sound issues @ the FireBee

Postby Orion_ » Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:36 pm

The sound mixing routine is optimised for Atari ST, which seems not suitable for "cache enabled" processor like the Firebee.
I modified the x2 version with a special routine for Firebee (the same used in Alice)
I updated the files on itch.io so you can download them again.
I just tried on my Firebee, it works (whereas the previous version had a disturbing noise)
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