Atari just the latest in my personal Science Museum hangar!

This is the gallery. It's where we put the pictures upon pictures of us all showing off our dens and collections.

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Atari nerd
Atari nerd
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Atari just the latest in my personal Science Museum hangar!

Postby AtariLikerMan0 » Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:53 pm

If joy of ownership means nothing else, it can still mean playing with an old Atari. I'm always bowled over by what you can get on the dirt cheap (or cheap enough) second hand market.

The studio icon has actually been the final addition to mine but I'm glad I got around to it in the end. I have a 520, 1040e and Compaq P3 PC running Steem. I actually prefer the emulator for plenty of more complex bits the real machines here would struggle on.

Image ... 2051_n.jpg

Here's my ST dossier, again, with plenty more pics:

I think I've been quite a dab hand at doodling chiptunes these past couple of years. Try one:

The heart of my rig are two PCs, one a Celeron E1400 with 2 gigs RAM and the other an Athlon 1.2 Ghz with 768 RAM (I think). Stuck into those are Sound Blasters, Delta 66, Audiophile card, Terratec Phase 88 Rack, USB MIDIs and other lovely things like Firewire. On racks are valve and guitar preamps, compressors, Soundcraft M8 and Folio mixers, open reel four-tracks from Tascam and other lovely odds and ends I hope I'll never despair at using so rarely.

Tinkle twang and bang station.JPG

Web page with all my info and downloads on:

Facebook photo album. Can't believe just how much good bargain hunting rewarded me: ... bf052aff1d

Yamaha EZ-AG.JPG

Here's a demo video of the kind of thing I'm about in a more mellow mood:

My first retro love was really the Commodore 64 and thanks to its SID chip there are gazillions of MIDI, keyboard, rompler and sequencer packages available. Even the MSSIAH cartridge from 2008, as close to Cakewalk on the Commie as you could get.

Basically, I've collected so much you'll need to dip in and choose a link or two for a bigger read. But essentially I've indulged myself in retro fantasy and allowed technology to help me make music I could never do conventionally.

So liberating to grab a bunch of sounds which come to me and get them down so easily.

Why don't you grab some of my samples while you're about it?

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