Castaway on PSP Issue

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Castaway on PSP Issue

Postby sebarcos » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:54 pm

Hello Everyone,

Maybe you can help me,

I am trying to make Castaway working on my PSP and I can't find a solution to my problem.
I Followed all the instructions :
- Instal the emulateur
- Use the good TOS (1.02 UK, US or FR), rename it to TOS.ROM and placed in the right folder (ATARI_ST)
- Download the .st games (I own and bought in the 90's)

When I launch the Emulator I see the games in the "Disk Management". I press "O" to select the disk drive A and press "X" to launch the TOS.
And I get the Message ""No TOS.ROM file found - run will fail"

I Don't know what to do, can somebody help ?

My TOS (1.02) is a disk image and when I rename it to .ROM, it's still is a disk image (.img) (I don't know if it can help)
of course I tried different TOS And still get TOS.ROM not found.

P.S ; Sorry for my english, I am french

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