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Help with Arkanoid type graphics in 256 colours

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:01 pm
by exxos
I want to update "ORBIT" in STOS to run on the falcon in higher resolution and better graphics, more colours, but really need someone whos good at graphics to help with it.

Currently it works in 16 colours 320x200. Though on the Falcon 640 x 400 256 colours is possible. This would basically mean every "brick" would need to be double sized, but the extra resolution and colours would make them look really nice. Of course there are special bricks, like one with bombs on etc. Though I am sure people know how it all works..

Aside from the sprite graphics, A new game screen would be needed. Similar to the current one just updated with more colours etc. Of course there is the main title screen which would probably be easy to create.. new sounds would be needed, DMA sampled sound or tracker mods for background music is all possible on the falcon.

If anyone thinks they can help with new graphics then please let me know :)