New ARAnyM minipack available

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New ARAnyM minipack available

Postby TheNameOfTheGame » Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:47 am

Who needs VirutalBox? :cheers: Pfft, we have ARAnyM for our Atari virtual machine.

Francois LE COAT has put together the great minipack which can be run directly from many operating systems to start the Atari virtual machine in a window.

Well, I see a new version is out with Teradesk 4.08. So this minipack has ARAnym 1.1.0, EmuTOS 0.9.11 and Teradesk 4.08. Everything up-to-date.

You can get the minipack here:

Thanks to Francois for the minipack and all the developers of ARAnym! :cheers:

Here is the readme translated into English:
ARAnyM is ready to be launched. Select the script "" or "" or "" according to the operating system PPC-Linux or x86-Linux or ARM-Linux you are using.

You will have at your disposal a boot disk "C:" which should not normally be modified, and which contains in any case that very little space available (8MB).

To change the resolution, you have to edit the file "C: /FVDI.SYS" (at the end) to change the number of colors, and in the configuration file "Aranym_files / config" to the tag [AUTOZOOM] for the dimensions of the screen.

There is also an "H:" disk that corresponds to the file system of your Linux Box, and where all applications can be installed.

By default, you can print (in a 300PPP image file), generate metafiles (* .GEM), play sounds in stereo, have a display by OpenGL (software). We can not yet access the Internet (if someone knows something ...) ...

You should know that the 'Pause' key is very useful under ARAnyM, to call the "SDL GUI". It allows to leave, to go in full screen or to make a screenshot ...

It's yours !

FLC - 28/08/2019

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Re: New ARAnyM minipack available

Postby Cyprian » Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:35 pm

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