Welcome to the guide sub-forum! Please read!

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Welcome to the guide sub-forum! Please read!

Postby Greenious » Sat May 24, 2008 11:31 pm

In this forum we collect the most valuable information we have.

Please DO NOT start a discussion or ask questions here. Any malplaced comments in here will be edited, deleted, or moved to the appropriate place.

With that said, feel free to add to the content with good info...

In short these are the guidelines for this forum:

    Moderators might freely edit, delete or move the contents, in order to keep this forum free of redundant info.
    When condensing threads, ie, compiling the info of a thread into a single post, we try to credit the people supplying the info.
    As far as possible, respect the written word. It is better to compile the info in a new post, than deleting/editing old posts. After condensing the info, the thread is moved back into hardware forum by a moderator.

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