Announcement: CFLIB for AHCC

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Announcement: CFLIB for AHCC

Postby m0n0 » Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:16 pm

Hello there,

I'm happy to tell you that I have ported CFLIB to AHCC.

The release-candidate 1 is available here: ... b_ahcc_rc1

The package contains sources and the lib for AHCC. You will also need the GEMLIB for AHCC, that I also provide at my page.

The lib is compiled for m68020 & coldfire, so you can target both systems with a single lib.
When you want to compile CFLIB for plain Atari-ST, you must adjust the project file - simply remove the -2 from the compiler
parameters and make sure that AHCC is setup correctly =).

I had problems when running the included demo with EMUTOS, looks like all the dialogs do not work (except alerts,...).
This has nothing to do with coldfire, it's also buggy under aranym/EMUTOS. Maybe that's because it's compiled with 020/coldfire, but maybe it's because EmuTOS doesn't provide essential functions (like extended AES objects?). Anyway, I did not encounter problems running it under XAAES.

Please let me know your test results for the demo app when you find time to test. (MyAES, FireTOS, plain Falcon TOS, MagiC... whatever :) )

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