Atari jaguar code & dev Facebook group

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Atari jaguar code & dev Facebook group

Postby neo_rg » Tue May 23, 2017 3:47 pm

I recently started a Facebook group for people with an interest in coding or developing on the Atari jaguar. It's a step in another direction for anyone familiar with the 68000. I know there are various places around the internet that do much of the same and we don't want to detract from those but we hope to become a permanent addition and useful resource, with up-to-date files and useful information.

Its not a closed or secret group so you are free to have a look around. If you think that you have something that would be of help to others or need help yourself then please join in.

We have a small but ever expanding file area with useful tools and programs and source code to various games and utilities.

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