Compiling VASM with Visual Studio 2015 Community

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Compiling VASM with Visual Studio 2015 Community

Postby Spectone » Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:58 pm

How to compile the VASM assembler under Windows with the free Visual Studio 2015 Community

First you need to download and install Visual Studio 2015 Community if you do not already have it

Then download the VASM source from the source is in tar.gz form so you need to extract it using an archive program such as 7zip

extract the VASM archive to your hard drive

Now go into the Start Menu and select "All Programs"
Then select "Visual Studio 2015"
Then select "Visual Studio Tools"
Then run the "Developer Command Prompt for VS2015"

This will bring up a command prompt window which has already been given the path to the command line compiler and tools

Change directory in this command prompt to where you extracted the VASM archive. This should be the directory containing the file Makefile.Win32
make the directory obj_win32 with the command

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mkdir obj_win32

run the following command

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nmake /F Makefile.Win32 CPU=m68k SYNTAX=mot

This will compile and build VASM as vasmm68k_mot_win32.exe it also makes vobjdump_win32.exe.

An example of assembling with VASM is as follows

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vasmm68k_mot_win32.exe test.asm -Ftos -o test.tos

Which will assemble the file test.asm and produce a program test.tos

Edit: I updated it as I forgot a step

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Re: Compiling VASM with Visual Studio 2015 Community

Postby EstTeeEfEm » Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:23 am

Just to let people know, if you're installing VS2015 for this purpose, the C++ Language is NOT installed by default.

When you run setup, you need to select it as a language in order to use this tutorial. (You can also use "Modify" if you have got VS installed already).

This was a major step that I missed and it took a while to find out why I had CL errors..

Other than that, Thanks man, exactly the info I was looking for!! :D Kudos to you

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Re: Compiling VASM with Visual Studio 2015 Community

Postby NiceGuyUK » Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:41 am

Also note that non-Windows machines are capable of producing Windows binaries for others to use. It's how I built them for
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