Blood Money

It's all about cheating!

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Re: Blood Money

Postby ggn » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:00 am

From ... 1_djvu.txt :

Atari ST people on the other hand are in
luck... On the OPTIONS SCREEN press
F4 for IMPATIENT then quickly press
the 'S' key. The screen should stay
black. Now type in the remainder of the
phrase SPONDULIX FOR PM (you have
already entered the first letter). Each
time a key press is accepted the border
colour will change slightly (don't forget
to include the spaces). During play hit
the HELP key to toggle the cheat mode
on and off. You can still lose energy and
die but you have infinite lives. Thecheat
mode is automatically off each time you
start a new level.

The following keys on the keypad
also perform special functions...

1 More Dosh For Player One

2 More Dosh For Player Two

4 Player One Enters The Shop

5 Player Two Enters The Shop
DELETE Move To The Next Level
(Provided You Have Enough Dosh)
is 73 Falcon patched atari games enough ? ^^

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Re: Blood Money

Postby DarkLord » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:45 pm


I believe (but am not sure) that some of the adapted versions have trainer
modes as well?
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