Appeal for source, for porting to other platforms/preserve

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Appeal for source, for porting to other platforms/preserve

Postby skeezix » Tue Sep 20, 2005 7:12 pm

Hey guys,

You hear from me once in awhile but thought I'd post again ;) I've done ports of CaSTaway, STonX and Hatari to various platforms, most notably CaSTaway for GP32, Palm OS / Zodiac, and PSP. (STonX for GP32 and Hatari for PSP as well, but less known.) I also run one of the only online Atari ST BBSes you may have seen.

Hatari is the most capable of the open source emulators, and it doesn't approach STeem or SainT yet in terms of compatability or accuracy or feature-set.

I know I would be interested in seeing either/both sources, either as a private deal (for porting to PSP, GP2x, and other gadgetry) or as public preservation (slap them up on sourceforge, or on numerous servers such as AL or the like; I know I've got space on my servers.) ie: Releasing to the public would be very cool but I know that there may be encumbrances preventing it, or just personal pride etc (which is all fine of course).. so if you tell me to go away (again ;) thats cool; if you'd consider, I'd do a port to PSP (my current agdget of interest) and other platforms.

But do keep a 'backup' somewhere, in case somethign terrible happens (fire, etc.).. such treasures shouldn't be lost :)

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