some bugs in Saint

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some bugs in Saint

Postby cpukett » Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:29 am

Saint 1.99b bugs

FOF 01 Eskimo Games: blank screen

FOF 04 Infestation: crashes during the intro or if you bypass the intro then when it loads the game blank screen

FOF 05 Empire of the Mines: cannot move the cursor around properly

FOF 06 Leavin Teramis: graphics messed up

FOF 11 after the FOF intro the picture of the woman is supposed to fly in from the right hand side

FOF 12 Manchester United: cannot move the cursor around properly

FOF 17 Tie Break: after title screen there is a screeching sound and then it freezes up after that

FOF 19 Espionage: cannot choose more than one player

FOF 22 Theme Park Mystery: crashes and closes Saint
Italy ' 90: comes up with file not found error

FOF 24 Eye of Horus: at title screen when it says push and key nothing happens

FOF 25 Astro Marine Corps:bombs out and resets when you start running

FOF 26 Resolution 101: crashes out on the title screen

FOF 27 Emlyn Huges International Soccer: freezes up after the title screen
Colorado: when the game is loading there is a black screen with music play (supposed to be a title screen) but if you press fire the game will load

FOF 28 Dominator: when you press the fire button and try and move your ship at the same time the ship starts to move jerkily
Dynasty Wars: during the intro there is lines under some of the letters and words

FOF 29 Rorkes Drift: cannot click on any of the language flags

FOF 30 Domination: black screen
Rotox: spin around and there is lines all over the screen

FOF 31 Satan Game 1: when you press fire your character jumps as well

FOF 32 Quatbol: bombs out on title screen
Venus the Flytrap: press space on title screen then SATYRID and some of the graphics are corrupt

FOF 33 Harley Davidson: during game top of screen flashes

FOF 35 Oriental Games:cannot move icon on screen properly and on the title screen when the sample music is playing when you prees the fire button it just speeds up the sample

FOF 36A Days of Thunder: when you first time trail on the first track the background graphics are not correct (like when the sky and ground join when you go around corners)

FOF 37 Menu bombs out

FOF 41 Turrican: when you move and press fire somtimes your man freezes

FOF 42 Subbuteo: bombs out

FOF 43 Gremlins 2: cannot start game (fire button or cursor keys dont work)

FOF 47 menu bombs out

FOF 48 Badlands: during the game you can hear really bad static in the background

FOF 50 menu bombs out

FOF 53 menu bombs out

FOF 54 menu bombs out

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Postby leonard » Tue Feb 15, 2005 9:25 am

thanks for bug reporting.

Next step with saint will be a new CPU core prefetching mechanism, to perfectly match with a real ATARI-68000 implementation. ( some demos and games protections are still badly emulated because of this)

Then maybe I could try to debug games ( I never debugged games ) now SainT features a clean and working keyboard/mouse/joystick routine.

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Postby cpukett » Sun Feb 20, 2005 12:42 pm

Hi Leonard
It is good to hear about Saint sounds like it is coming along very nicely


and i have update the FOF menus bug list as well

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Postby cpukett » Sat Mar 05, 2005 11:37 am

Just to let everybody know that all the FOF menus are all tested in Saint 1.99b
Now on to the Superior Menus :)

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