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Atari freak
Atari freak
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Report bugs

Postby Blood » Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:28 am


Many months ago, i've checked all my Atari games under Saint 2.00. Only crack games and compilations and i've find many bugs does not appear under Steem, there is the list for a better compatibility :)


Iron Lord - Floppy 3 not recognised
Prince of Persia - Floppy 2 not recognised
Flying Shark - Graphic bug during game (a part of the screen at bottom)
Explora 3 - Don't run
Vroom - Don't run
Double Dragon 2 - Don't Run
Ishar - Don't run
Navy Seals - Freeze before starting first level and crash Saint (return under Win).
Shadowlands - Bombs after insert the first floppie
Swiv - Bombs after insert the first floppie
Obliterator - Don't show the PRG file, very strange...
Metal Mutant - Bombs after insert the first floppie
Holocaust CD 116 - Keyboard is not recognised during the demo menu, so we can't choose a game with F1 & F2.
FOF cd 32 : Qatbol - Bombs after menu title
Fuzion cd 128 - Bombs before menu and return to GEM
Indy Heat - Freeze and crash Saint before the title menu
Fuzion cd 170 - Bombs after pressed F1 or F2
Superior cd 86 - Graphic bug in the menu
Mad Vision E : Welltris - Bombs after pressed F2
Son Shu Shi - Black screen
Impact cd 48 : Fallen Angels - Bombs after choosing normal or trainer
Doodle Bug - Hexadecimal chains during loading, wired
Crazy Boy cd 22 : CJ in the USA - Freeze and crash Saint during loading
Pulsion cd 157 - Bombs and go to GEM before demo menu
Video Kid - Reboot during loading
Mc Donald land - Bombs and return to GEM on the begining
Predator 2 - Crash Saint during loading
Flimbo's Quest - Black screen at the music screen of the game and joy & keyboard are not recognised
Unreal - Disk 2 not recognised
Fuzion cd 184 - Crash during the menu with a graphic bug
Fuzion cd 77 - Bombs and go to GEM before demo menu
Zool - No icons on GEM
Fuzion cd 78 - Bombs before demo menu
Magic Boy - Only black screen during loading
Deliverance - Graphic bug before enter level 1
Fuzion cd 79 - Bombs before demo menu
Nicky Boom 2 - Bombs at the begining
Awesome cd 6 : Logical - Bombs after loading
Ishar 2 - Bombs before the demo menu and keyboard disabled during the Silmarils logo
Dyna Blaster - Crash after posing the first bomb
Mini Golf - Freeze at the Magic Bytes screen
Harley Davidson - Freeze during the loading
Supremacy cd 24 : Cavemania - Bombs after pressed F2
Echanted Land : Freeze at the music screen, after the Thalion logo (probably the bug comes from the strange aspect/ratio title screen of game)
Kingmaker - Disk 2 not recognised
Fof 5 : Toyottes - Freeze on the title screen
Fuzion 164 : Soccer Manager - Bombs after pressing F2
Bobo : Bombs at the begining
warlock the avenger - Crash Saint during intro
Stone Age : Freeze during loading
No Buddies Land : Graphic bug when you jump
Jumping Jack Son : Files of the game disapears
Fuzion cd 102 : Bombs before the demo menu
WPC 171 : Keyboard not recognised during menu and no music
Fuzion 84 : Bombs before the menu
Doodle Bug - Bombs after clicking on the PRG file
Final Blow - Bombs after clicking on the PRG file
Fallen Angels - Crash Saint
BBC 37 - Keyboard is not recognised
Hades Nebula - Keyboard & Joy are not recognised
Amberstar - Floppy C is not recognised
BBC 27A - Bombs before menu
Toki aitpasti release - crash Saint
La quète de l'oiseau du temps aitpasti release - Floppy 2 not recognised

And for finish, suggestions :)

Graphic bug under GEM after switch to STE and used TOS 1.06fr or 1.62fr.

Bombs if you switch to STE with the 2.06fr TOS.

If you can add a setting to auto name the sounds recording like the screenshot (from name of the files emulated like Ikari.MSA -> Ikari.wav, ikari2.wav, etc...) because, when you have more than 10 titles, you can't identify the files directly ;)

That's could be cool if we can exit the Saint menu with the F12 key to return to the emulation ;)

The loading is more very longer with the pastis than the ST or MSA files, ultra fast drive checked too.

Can you think to add a second drive and personnal settings/shortcuts for use more than one button of the joy ?

| Blood |

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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Postby SainT » Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:18 pm

Thanks for tracking down those bugs, I shall look into it!

-- James

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Atari freak
Atari freak
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Postby Blood » Sun Dec 09, 2007 10:11 pm

No problem, sound is important for me and i prefer Saint sound than Steem sound during game and other settings...

If you want floppy dumps to check them, please send me your mail from PM ;)

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