extra midi port thru steem via usb

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extra midi port thru steem via usb

Postby charles » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:34 am

hi im wondering if theres a way..
which I know there is ...
to achieve the standard midi configuration thru steem settings using a midi usb host ..

!!!but in addition !!! have a second usb midi host present as well

reason being Cubase has breakout boxes for the Atari
along with notator etc... which allow an additional 16 midi channels via the printer port,modem port or cartridge port ,,,

provided u use a driver or extra prgm to direct second pairing of channels to new port.

only issue is rewriting steem to permit this addressing .

second midi device present on a additional hardware port emulation ,,,,,

need more details id be happy to expain further
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