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A little treat

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:07 pm
by MagikGimp
Unbeknownst to me, I've been sitting for years on four menus that aren't on the site. To be honest it's been a case of being put off by unreliable 30 year old hardware, a lack of work-space and the knowledge that it takes a fair amount of time to go through all those boxes of disks we've all hoarded over the years. And indeed, these four disks have taken hours of relearning the particular quirks of 80s computers, floppy disks in particular. The (frustrating) memories came back to me instantly. Anyway enough whittering, here's the link to the disk images:!AgiBgnGD5x1T7hXguBquBoZrPRMZ

  1. ELITE #3 (very similar in appearance to some of Empire's menus)
  2. G-FORCE #50
  3. HOTLINE #15 (the list of games seems wrong)
  4. MR SHEEN #1
All menus except one are in MSA format as that seems to be the preferred format on the site. I don't know why that is the case over ST. The lone ST image is Mr Sheen (Dean someone) menu 1- a new 'group'! :o I have no idea if Dean made any more menus after this one but it's a pretty simple affair with other people's work thrown together under a particularly obnoxious raster on a 84 track disk. And what a pain that was. The disk is partially unreadable when using Floppy Image and copying it to another disk on a real ST so I had to make a new image by copying files in batches. Now, does 0-84 in the various copiers I used mean 84 or 85 tracks?? 84 is how it asks you to copy it. The last few tracks are the problem ones anyway.
Speaking of what a pain in the arse this all was- while the Hotline disk (the best of the bunch) gave me very little trouble at all, the others gave me many a night of headaches. One or two had been copied with F-Copy Pro which means that can't be read on a PC and that was just the start of it. I still haven't tested them fully myself and I know for sure that the G-Force one has some problems. That's why I included the directory extractions. I mean there's 50 games and more on that one (sorry Brume!)
I have three ST(E)s. One 520 STFM, one 2MB STE and one 4MB STE with some dodgy innards and ports that need cleaning. I used this one predominantly because of all that RAM and its v1.62 TOS. But even that threw me because when I emulate some of the stuff some of it only seems to work on such a config and files seemed to be having meta information unique to that computer attached to them (???). I say that because other setups seemed to have trouble reading things but I feel quite confused with the whole thing now so I unfortunately I don't know where I am with it all exactly. :shrug: I will just say that I really tried to keep things as tidy and accurate as I possibly could with my limited knowledge and tetchy resources. What is the best way to do this anyway?!? Perhaps you can add some tips to the FAQ Brume. Cheers friend; I hope you find these useful (and not too much of a pain to test!)
P.S. I want to check the Out of Order menu I submitted yonks ago at some point just to be sure I got it right first time. I think it's OK but I'll double check.

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:03 am
by Desty
Nicely done! I too would like to know what the latest "best practices" way to do this is :D

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:40 pm
by Brume
Hello MagikGimp
Thank you very much for these dumps :D
I really appreciate your effort. Here are some results:

- I've Mr Sheen #1 and the whole content seem to work.
- I've started to check each game on G-Force #50 (and have added the missing titles to Atari Legend). I need to continue. Thanks for it, too! Very cool menu :)
- Hotline #15 has a corrupted game. Cloud Kingdoms seems to crash. Since it's packed with Propack 1.0 (we don't have the original version of this tool), I'm unable to repair it at the moment. May i ask you a favour? Can you test Cloud Kingdoms with your original disk on your 520 STFM? Maybe the main PRG was corrupted while the process, I don't know.
- Elite #3 was already in my collection, I've forgotten to upload Elite's disks on the site. Will do asap.

Thanks again for all! You made my day!

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:48 pm
by MagikGimp
No problem at all; very happy to help. :)
I'm going through my other disks to see if I've missed anything else now. So far- a large game for STEs called "The Poker Machine" and a disk that sounds like it's gone rusty over the many years... Will keep you all posted!
As for the Hotline disk- I'll hopefully be able to have a look tomorrow. I never did get around to trying that game before making the image, sorry.
That G-Force menu is a real mess. And I don't mean from my work this time! If you read the scroller, I get the impression that most of the group didn't even want it to be released. I reckon the guy who made it just bunged a bunch of PD stuff on there to round out the numbers to 50. The menu doesn't even seem to load on anything below TOS 1.04 for a start (even though the rest of the disk's contents is mostly fairly simple stuff) but then I was finding that some of the that software wouldn't run on higher TOS versions! I had to extract it to a virtual HDD and try it sepearetely. This was by emulation mind you. Some of it isn't in English either. Would they require foreign language TOS? I feel sorry for you, I truly do, that you will have to test all 50!

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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:36 am
by MagikGimp
Unfortunately I can confirm that Cloud Kingdoms freezes on my 520. Is there another disk this crack is on to replace the affected files? Is Propack a big problem for everyone then?

I could also have sworn I had this happen to me below on IK+ the other week but today it played absolutely fine. A dodgy read of the disk perhaps? Might have been another disk entirely but I had no idea this screen even existed!

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:33 pm
by MagikGimp
Hi again Brume. I need your expert advice. Is it worth running a disk checker on the disks I have that have bad sectors and which progy do you recommend if so? I've found one on a disk but is there one in particular that is trusted to work? Don't want to completely lose anything of course. Thanks!

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:58 pm
by MagikGimp
matt wrote:I created the PP site whilst at University[...]

Just read this so I owe you an apology for more of my assumptions Matt! Doesn't hurt to bump this thread too while I'm at it... ;D

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:03 am
by Darren Birks
The Radical Bandits #16 ( ... (Until it gets looked at by Brume)

Other random stuff: ... (The Replicants - no number/menu but multi game disk)

Will edit this post as more stuff is imaged up over next few days.

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:18 pm
by Brume
Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of update on the site. Atari Legend project (and some other stuffs) took me too much time in recent months.
I tried to add menus to as soon as time permited, but the site didn't increase as much as I expected. Still have so many disks to add...
Well, I'm trying to catch up now :)
Marcer is just coming to send two rare menus (thanks to him!). They are online now.
I'll try to add PP menus very soon.

@Darren Birks: thanks for both menus ;)
I get troubles with both programs on The Radical Bandits #16. Avalon can't easily be repaired, but MegaPaint 3.02 is a real problem. The program doesn't work at all and I can't repair it since I don't have any other source (have MegaPaint 2 and MegaPaint 4, but this version 3.02 is missing in my collection). May I ask you to re-image it?
Thanks in advance.

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:18 pm
by MagikGimp
Thanks for the update Brume. Sounds like I really must check out this Legendary site that's currently all the rage...

As we both have data integrity problems, could you possibly suggest some tips for recovery of problem disks? My last XP rig actually failed so I'll have a new floppy drive in the first (ancient) PC I ever built to start with, if that's a possible solution. I also have old disk checkers on some of the stuff I've been through if memory serves (been a few months now! ;D ) Would they be a help or a hindrance? I guess they would alter the disk's contents which I'm presuming is not ideal. What about PaSTi? Is that an option? Cheers. :)

Re: - Atari ST Menu disks (Euroswap, FOFT, SFX...)

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:28 pm
by MagikGimp
Me again, some time has passed... Just a quickie to say that PaSTi on both hardware was unsuccessful unfortunately. No improvements on what I'd already managed to achieve. Cloud Kingdoms fails to load on anything sadly, but at least the menu is intact. Oh, and turns out that IK+ 'glitch' is well known. My ignorance strikes again.

Would still help to know if there are any data recovery methods that have some success and are worth trying. I'm open to sending the disk somewhere if necessary too. What was the verdict on G-Force #50 too?