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Power up plus-GOOD NEWS !

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Re: Power up plus-GOOD NEWS !

Postby laasf » Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:47 am


Power Up game does not take care about a split of the files to disks. If the problems persist copy files from the disk A and be to A, B and C. The game will ask for another disk, when it will need it. The game is designed also for HDD, therefore you can also merge the disk A and B to the one folder. Best regards, Marek (an author of power up game)

PS: I will move the power up website to: http://cichon.cz/pu/ soon.
PPS: The same authors (code, graphics) made new game nowadays for PC, see http://pixoria.eu

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Re: Power up plus-GOOD NEWS !

Postby blinddarm » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:01 pm

laasf wrote:Hi,

Power Up game does not take care about a split of the files to disks.

D´oh !

ok, wich files should be on Disk one, wich on Disk two and wich on Disk three ?
otherwise you are going to be a "Disk Jockey" without a Harddrive :lol:

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Re: Power up plus-GOOD NEWS !

Postby dma » Sat May 14, 2011 2:48 pm

By the way, this game isn't making use of the STe hardware scrolling isn't it?
Just the blitter it seems.

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