fs: Acorn RISCPC/600 + SA@200 + 486DX4@100

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fs: Acorn RISCPC/600 + SA@200 + 486DX4@100

Postby legacy » Sat Dec 21, 2019 1:31 pm

Professionally refurbished and in full working order Acorn RISC PC with 64MB memory, 1MB Video Memory and RISC OS 4.39 ROMS.

* 220V PSU for 1 slice: installed
* 220V PSU for 2 slices: included, not installed
* RISC OS 4.02 ROMS included, not installed
* RISC OS 4.39 ROMS installed
* 64MB RAM, 2x32MB stick
* Castle 32 Bit SCSI 2 podule, 50pin,narrow/SE
* 37GB Hard Drive
* StrongARM@200MHz CPU
* 486DX4@100Mhz second CPU
* PS/2 mouse adapter
* PS/2 trackball with 3 buttons
* CD & Floppy Drive
* RJ45 Ethernet Network Interface, installed
* CMOS battery removed, not installed

This machine is guaranteed in working order, you only need to install a CMOS battery.
The RTC (Real Time Clock) may be podule or module based. You have to buy one from someone on eBay.
The cosmetic condition is good for its age. There are no damaged parts, no scratches, and it's from a smoke free home.

The harddrive has a lot of RISCOS software installed. Like !Ovation !Publisher, !Artworks, !Easiwriter and many useful tools, including a tool to "share" files over the Microsoft network (kind of Samba, commercial program, for RISCOS). There is also a PC x86 software "!PC v3.08" that uses the 486 CPU as second processor for running DOS application. and there is a DOS slice is installed on the harddrive, loaded with a lot of DOS software. Like Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, Turbo Assembler, Windows 3.11, and other interesting stuff.

Price: 350 euro + S/H

If you need more information, pics&C, please contact me =)

This machine is located at my brother's house, in Italy.
The Bunker is open

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