FS: motorola DSP56002EVM + book + manuals

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FS: motorola DSP56002EVM + book + manuals

Postby legacy » Tue Dec 17, 2019 7:30 pm

here for sale a full DSP56K DSP kit! Composed of:
  • book: Digital Signal Processing Applications With Motorola's Dsp56002 Processor (brand new)
  • manual: DS56002 Assembly and Instruction Set (second hand, excellent condition)
  • board: DSP56002 EVS (second hand, excellent condition)
  • software: (DOS) Debugging Application, via serial cable

The Motorola's DSP56002 processor and its development tools provided an ideal environment for digital signal processing in the 1990s. The book for sale explains and demonstrates how to use this processor to solve a number of common real-time signal processing problems. The text has three main sections. Part One covers the operation of the processor and ithe DSP56002EVM board and assembler. Part Two illustrates the architecture, addressing modes, and instruction set. Part Three takes on the specifics of digital signal processing, including the design and implementation of:

  • FIR and adaptive FIR filters
  • IIR filters
  • Fast Fourier Transforms

Appendices relate these concepts to their counterparts on Motorola's DSP56000 and DSP56001 processors. The book is intended for use by both students and computer industry professionals. An associated MS DOS program, DSP56002 Demonstration Software, is recommended as an accompaniment to the text. The book includes an order coupon for this software.

I will provide a printed manual with the 56002 instruction set and two floppies with the assembler program and the debugging appliction: this requires a serial cable from the host to the EVM.

* * * *

Contact me in private.

Thanks :D
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