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All Gone (Free Junk Pay First Class Postage)

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:07 am
by Rustynutt
This stuff is already packed in 3 separate bags. It can ship First Class.

Kind of sorted by bag.

Bag 1:

1GB RD Ram
1-512mb 1RX16PC2 5300U 555-12-G3 Samsung

2x THM3220COA 86-76

1 IBM B1D1320BA-70 4mb(?)

Intel P4 2.66GH/512/800
AMD 486 DX4-100

Bag 2: (note 060 below are not CT60/63 compatible)

XC68EC060RC75E mask 02E59Y
XC68EC060RC66E same mask
68040 either 25 or 33 had heatsink pulled
Apple Notebook card XC68LC040FE25B SMT

Taken******Bag 3:

10x 30 pin 8 chip
24x 30 pin 2 chip

$5.00 each shipping, excess goes to the board. Can't combine.
Will go down the list. Wait for PM.