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for sale, SCSI box, 4U of 3.5 inc

Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 10:29 am
by legacy
Hi, up for sale is an SCSI box that accepts four units of 3.5inc, 1U size (e.g. four harddrives, four Iomega Jazz, four Iomega Zip). It doesn't accept 5.25inc unit (e.g. CDROM, Tapes ...), and there are two SCSI narrow cabling, and four Centronics connectors

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host--cable ---- line0 ---- unit0 --- unit1 ---- terminator
host--cable ---- line1 ---- unit2 --- unit3 ---- terminator

You can use a special cable (provided with this auction) to close the SCSI-line into an SCSI chain of four units.

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host--cable ---- line0 ---- unit0 --- unit1 ---- chain-cable
chain-cable ---- line1 ---- unit2 --- unit3 ---- terminator

There are also four Contraves-switches on the back to set the SCSI_ID; a narrow SCSI device can have a SCSI_ID in the range {0..7}

Without scratches, it's in excellent conditions, like brand new!

For pics, info and offer: PM me. Thanks =)