WANTED: Various hardware on Cartdrige port

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WANTED: Various hardware on Cartdrige port

Postby olivierg » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:16 pm


I create shematic of old hardware on cartdrige port, i have starded with:
Replay IV or VIII
Replay Stereo
Replay Stereo Master
FM Melody Maker
The next is Replay 16 and VIDI ST.

I search Replay pro (defect is ok) for closing the replay series.

TT030 4/32 TOS 3.06 SCSI2SD 5.x HD, Mega STE 4Mb TOS 2.06 DD, Mega ST4 DD miniCosmosEX, Mega ST2 DD, 1040 STE DD, 2 x 1040STFM DD, 2 x 1040STF, MegaFile 30, Lynx 1

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