Wanted: STFormat magazine scans related to Captive

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Atari maniac
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Wanted: STFormat magazine scans related to Captive

Postby Lyverbe » Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:06 pm

As some of you know, I'm the webmaster of captive.atari.org and I'm working on the august update of the site which will have some magazine scans related to Captive.

I've found a lot but just can't seem to get my hands on STFormat scans. Captive is mentioned on issue 15 or 16 and said to have been awarded the Gold rating of 93%. Anyone has this issue and, if so, would be nice enough to send them to me so I can put them on the website?

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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Re: Wanted: STFormat magazine scans related to Captive

Postby Atarist8te74 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:34 pm

I would help you if I could :(

Back around 1996 I had the entire collection of st formats. Stupidly sold them all, why I dont know?

I managed to get a pile of assorted st mags last week on ebay but the issue your looking for is not in them, sods law I guess!

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