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Postby AtariZoll » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:28 pm

Long time I did not open thread here :D
Time to write what happened with smartphone, which appeared as magnet for spam, malware and other crap.
Somewhere at August phone just became unusable - it was that one ad popped up over another, half of it was almost impossible to close, then diverse SMS-es which wanted to take my money, viruses, etc.
So I googled little, using concrete phone model in search. And found some useful threads in couple forums (no, not Atari forums :lol: ) . It is just that this phone, it's manufacturer made it so - to accept all kind of crap, and they have profit in that. Every received, opened (and you must open it if opens not self) crap is logged, and manufacturer gets some cent or like. It was programmed so, that in beginning blocked crap, and by time let thru more and more. After some 8 months it was utter mess.
I could only ditch it or fixing problem. Not using anymore in that condition. And solution was given too in one of threads: No Root Firewall. Easy to install, works immediately. Freeware. Must say that Uber ad popped still for about one week, and that's gone too, and in last 4 months no any crap (OK, my provider sends still SMS-e with ad :D ) . Phone was cheap, has good display, case. Will I buy ever again Doogee phone ? Hardly after this experience. Or maybe I will, with different name - companies like this usually change name after couple years. Was it really worth for manufacturer, to get some little money over couple months, and lose respect, costumers ?
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