A long shot... The Terminator II script on the ST

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A long shot... The Terminator II script on the ST

Postby iceman » Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:26 pm

Imagine teenage me - I'd been given a floppy disk. I've got no idea what else was on it (I think it was a demo disk or PD disk), but it had the full script of Terminator II on it. It had a reader program - I believe it was a medium res program...

The film was at the movies but I wasn't allowed to go, so I sat and read the script on my 520STFM on my TV until about three in the morning. My eyes were bleeding from their sockets. I fecken loved it. IFIRC, there were certain differences from the script to the film (for example, the Terminator had a switch which turned him from Read Only to Read/Write, prompting his newfound empathy for humans).

Does anyone else remember this disk doing the rounds? Does anyone have a copy?
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Re: A long shot... The Terminator II script on the ST

Postby Grunaki » Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:34 am

Never had the disk, but the scene you mentioned (with the Terminator's read/write switch) was in the movie, but removed from the UK (maybe European) cinematic cut. It was in the North American cinema release (I believe) and was restored in various home-release directors' cuts of the movie in Europe. I had the 'T-1000 Edition' back in the day, and it was in that, along with a scene where John teaches the Terminator to smile. (Which is why he smirks later when he picks up the minigun at Enrique's).

I think the "you've got to listen to how people talk / hasta la vista baby" scene in the car was extended as well.
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Re: A long shot... The Terminator II script on the ST

Postby troed » Tue Dec 16, 2014 8:47 pm

I just clicked on that textfile yesterday. Hang on.

There you go. Credits to Mega/SYNC whose disk I pulled it from ;)


(There's no viewer on the disk, just the textfile)
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