Was Captive stereo on the STe?

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Was Captive stereo on the STe?

Postby Lyverbe » Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:54 pm

At the bottom of the "Sounds" page on my Captive website, I recently wrote that the Atari version of Captive 1.0 was initially written to be stereo but difficulties prevented such a thing and was completely written off for version 1.2 (see http://captive.atari.org/Technical/Sounds/Sounds.php).

A Captive player wrote me regarding this subject and claimed he was playing Captive in full stereo using an Atari STe. Being an owner of an Atari STf, I can't verify that claim, but I'm also an owner of Steem (which stands for "STE EMulator") and Captive is mono. I never could make it stereo without modifying Captive's code.

Since I want my website to be as accurate as possible, I'm asking if any of you remember playing Captive in stereo on an Atari.
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